Miasmos mining frigate ship bay (packaged 2,500 m3)

Yes, I know, why?

  • Miasmos while excellent ore carrying ship it could be a hell of a lot more better by simply adding a bay that could carry a packaged mining frigate.

  • People always mention that they want people to move around but the problem is convenience, what to do doo with all that ore that is mined.

  • Triglavian and NPC locust fleets mine and attack everything in the system, true, by giving us a frigate storage bay (for packaged mining frigate), miners can now move around more freely than hauling out large command industrial ships to simply mine away in a mining frigate.

  • Anyway it is a simple thing to do which will help our industrial community that don’t have corporations with dedicated mining ops fleets at their disposal.

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Why would you want it to be packaged?

It sounds to me like you’re attempting to have a single player function proficiently as both a miner and hauler instead of having two people perform those roles respectively. This is an MMO: goals should best be accomplished through collaborative gameplay. Anything that eliminates player interaction, eliminates a career or the “need” for a fleetmates, etc, is generally a bad thing.

Note that a repackaged ship loses its rigs, so this is against the spirit of your idea. And permitting a Miasmos to carry an unpackaged frigate, even if it is restricted to a mining frigate, is inappropriate since it is neither a mothership (this would imply a fitting service is provided) or Battleship (where frigs can be loaded/ejected). Off the top of my head, the Nestor, which is much bigger than the Miasmos, is the only ship smaller than the Orca that has a ship maintenance bay, and it can only carry a shuttle. It just doesn’t add up.

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The ship you want already exists. It’s called a Porpoise.

Edit: it’ll actually carry two (unfortunately packaged) mining frigates as well as up to 60km3 ore when skilled.

No, it is called the Orca and it has a ship bay already.

Because a fully assembled ship people would lose their panties over and call it “over powered” and “game breaking” when in reality it does nothing except make thing bit easier for solo pilots which below you could read even people are against solo play yet won’t ever be caught dead mining because you know “boring” so whom, join a Corp with mandatory ops, or pvp roams, where the soloist life doesn’t fit with the corp schedule?

One thing that is overlooked is why go into low/wh/or null territory for a pitiful haul with a venture, but if you can slip out of high sec and have a possibility of getting in with both ships then getting out this is risk vs rewards because you can haul a decent amount out instead of a couple of mil, the trade is that if you get caught going in or out you can lose quite a bit and the loot drops could be good for the loogie.

But alas getting eve players to look is difficult, it always “breaks” someone else’s game but in reality it is just a fantasy.

So then you’d be ok if they added a “ship bay” to carry a mining frigate, I’m good with that except someone will complain that somehow it is now a mini orca because it can carry a fitted ship and thus loose their mind.

I think he’s saying that things are fine the way they are. I think everyone in this thread so far is saything that except you :grin:

Exactly why it will carry ONLY a packaged ship, it doesn’t mine independently, it doesn’t bonus, it doesn’t carry drones in a bay, so the absolute only advantage is it carries a packaged mining frigate, but it still does exactly before what it does now, carry ore, nothing of significance it changed, hell if dev’s only increased the cargo bay to say 1300 m3 then in theory you can get that 2500 m3 with a bit of room for modules, so this will make the user buy cargo rigs and cargo expanders to have that ability, again a disadvantage because it nerfs the heck out of an already flimsy ship making it pretty damn risky and gives more advantage to other players overall, this really doesn’t break anything.

So why add this new vorton weapons, I think it breaks the game for gates runners, as it is now SB battleships kill flimsy ships flying through, this weapon will do much the same, the point is we all want what we want, I’m no different but it amazes me that something that breaks nothing but helps others get around and mine is somehow game breaking, that’s why it’s just boggles my mind.

So let’s not take things out of context. I was talking about the Miasmos + frigate bay and not anything else.

Yes, by all means, please implement this. That way I can sit cloaked next to your Miasmos while you mine, wait for you to spend an hour or two filling it up, only to have gankers warp in on my position and nuke it, wasting the past two hours you spent mining…

Or, even better, show up in a Mach or Vagabond and bump your Miasmos out of range where you can’t dock with it, or show up in a shuttle and eject from it and take over your Miasmos…

How so, your contention is that things are fine as is, same for me, things are fine as is, a vorton weapon is not needed in my mind, we are all trying to maximize our game time.

And that would be hilarious, people have stolen others orcas this way, and deservedly so.

No matter I am going with an Iteron Mark V or a Nereus, can only get half of a Miasmos but it’s better then nothing, hell we have a Hoarder that I don’t see getting used (I’m sure somewhere it might), but you can move the same amount of ammo as most do with most haulers, nobody called foul \ :crazy_face:/

Those are very useful in nullsec.

I’ve argued for something similar before. Basically an alpha-version miasmos with a 3750 m3 fleet hanger, reduce the ore hold to 27500 m3, remove the turret point, role bonus it for shield rep/tractor and in some way a very small yield bonus for ventures in fleet with it.

This would encourage alphas to fleet for the little bit of extra yield, make them think about how to optimise mining fleets, play socially rather than go through alpha venture burnout, remove the arguement for alphas to fly barges or some other way up their yield significantly but give them a slight upgrade path from the venture.

Finally as an alpha, if you want to roam and do various things you can pack your stuff in fleet and go on walkabout.

We don’t (and neither does CCP) want alphas to be producers, but we do want alphas to have fun, stick around and sub to Omega, surely that is good for everyone.


You said you wanted to be able to carry a packaged ship.

The orca has a maintenance bay that’ll carry several unpackaged barges. I honestly would have no particular issue if the Porp had a small maintenance bay.

But it satisfies the requirements you laid out in the OP.

This is a false equivalence.

Back up your idea on its own merits. Don’t pull an apples to oranges comparison out of nowhere and pretend it justifies your idea.