Bowhead MX Hanger Exploit

Why is the bowhead/Orca hanger ship swap not an exploit when you are pointed or scrammed? You can’t dock into a player owned structure when you are pointed/scrammed. Why can you dock your ship into a player owned ship when you are pointed/scrammed?

You can dock in structures when you are scrammed/pointed. You cannot dock if you have a aggression timer.

oh two month ago. I am sure the players learned you can by now.

No you cant dock at a citadel if you are tackled.
And cap cant dock on anything if they are hic pointed.

@Vuhdo_Rin is correct. The aggression timer is active and you can’t dock your ship into anything when it is active but these people just don’t engage, see what you got and pick the ship size that is one above you and swap it out to that. Only in Hi-sec you will see this exploit because others would simply just primary the orca/bowhead and end the game.
You shouldn’t be able to throw your ship into someone else’s MX bay when you are pointed or scrammed. It should work just like Upwell Structures.

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