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Can we change the docking in player owned MX bays, (ie orca/bowheads) to match the Upwell Structures.
Can they both be if you are pointed or scrammed that you cannot dock your ship in them. Currently, only Upwell Structures have this condition. If you have a ship next to an Orca you can dock your ship to break target lock and warp away. Doesn’t seem to be correct.

Currently there are too many players in highsec going suspect next to a bowhead or orca. After you engage them they either upship for the fight with the bowhead or warp off after they break your target lock by docking a ship in the MX bay. Doesn’t seem right that if I engage them with this setup on my Upwell Structure I can’t dock and reship when I’m pointed or scrammed but they can swap ships as long as their aggression timer runs down.

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The other issue is the bowhead or orca stays neutral the whole time and cannot be engaged in highsec or getting ganked by Concord. But a pilot giving links or logi share whatever timers the criminal pilot has and these pilots lending the MX bay are completely immune.

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