Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Whitehound) #791

Suggestion: add “magnetic edges” to PI structures and extractor heads
Keywords: magnetic edges, user interface, planetary interaction, UI, PI
Note: easier placement of structures and extractor heads

I doubt many of us like seeing the red numbers when extractor heads overlap and so most of us will likely try to move extractor heads close, but not too close, at which point it becomes fiddly.

Giving structures and extractor heads a magnetic edge, which allows them to snap to each other (only needs to be a mild effect of 3-5 pixels), will make their placements much nicer and faster. Also patterns may look a little nicer and not so messy, which makes it more lovely all round.

I’d even go as far as disallowing PI structures to overlap at all, because they cannot actually be placed this way. Yet it’s possible to move them so that they cannot be placed. A simple bounds check would make this also easier to handle.

(Rhom Achensa) #792

I’d like to have another option in the personal section of the map that shows where my jump clones are.

(Nocobo) #793

Suggestion: third rig slot for Heavy Assault Cruisers
Keywords: t2 cruisers, rigs
Note: for greater variability and attractiveness compared to T3 cruisers

(Rhom Achensa) #794

The blinking Neocom menu icons get annoying, especially when I’ve got the Agency tab that likes to pop off constantly when there’s a new anom. Can we either have it made a solid hue or brightness change, or have the opportunity to set it that way?

(Sabriz Adoudel) #795

Suggestion: View total ISK on buy/sell orders window
Keywords: UI, Market
Note: Useful for people with less of a math background than me

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s my short essay:

Being able to see at a glance how much ISK orders will cost to fill or will pay off if filled will be really useful.

In particular the ability to sort by this column would be something I use all the time.

(Terranid Meester) #796

Suggestion: Ammo queuing while reloading ammo
Keywords: Gameplay, UI
Note: Sometimes while reloading ammo you have realised that you are loading the wrong type and cannot change ammo until the reloading process is finished. Might I suggest being able to ‘queue’ an existing ammo in your cargohold/wherever you store ammo [with the same right-click action for reloading ammo/dragging ammo to the module while it is reloading] so that it automatically begins reloading with the right ammo type that you want for whatever modules/groups you have. Laser turrets would not really need this since crystals are instantly reloaded.

It should also be made available for other ammo needing modules such as cap boosters.

Couple of questions, please
(Nocobo) #797

Suggestion: Ability to change the names of all items
Keywords: Gameplay, UI, Items
Note: I like see Navy Hammerhead, remove Federation. Extra words interfere with the forced to increase the interface of the hangar drones

(Nocobo) #798

Suggestion: Add the drone’s current action icon to the left of its name
Keywords: Gameplay, UI, drones
Note: To reduce the width of the interface of the drone hangar

(Nocobo) #799

Suggestion: Hotkeys for each of the five drones(like the fighters)
Keywords: Gameplay, UI, drones
Note: For the convenience of attack drones on different targets

(Nocobo) #800

Suggestion: More convenient control of the fire from the guns
Keywords: Gameplay, Guns
Now: when destroy target or need change, need stop fire> see on guns and wait when circle of firing > wait up to 2 seconf for full prepare for fire(ping to server)
Need: if i press attack from guns oon new target, server automatic stop firing and attack new, i not need on my gun interface. I see on battlefield.


Suggestion: Ability to export and import Item-Filters
Keywords: ui, item, inventory, filter, asset
Note: If get new Char it is painful to configure my 11 filter with 100 orders.

(Lfod Shi) #802

Suggestion: Ability to choose/purchase Upwell hanger interior.
Keywords: Upwell, hanger
Note: Some hangers are better than others. It would be cool if we could choose our own hanger interior on Upwell structures. I personally have a preference for Gallente station interiors, I’m betting others have preferences as well.

(Mikkir) #803

Suggestion: Remove extra clicks for exclusive branches in the ship simulator
Keywords: Simulator
Note: For items like rigs and subsystems there are extra layers of nesting which will never have more than one submenu category (ships will have either small rigs or medium rigs, but never both). It would be nice to remove this extra level of nesting so if I click rigs > armor rigs it shows all the armor rigs of the appropriate size.

(Jask Askari) #804

I would like to see a change made to the modules bar so that consumable items, such as Blue Pills, can be dragged onto the module bar and used as buttons

This would be very similar to how potions can be dragged to hotbars in many RPGs

Having to keep the cargo open and sized properly for this purpose is a particularly hard edge in the UI…

(Hirmuolio Pine) #805

Suggestion: Be able to contract items from delivery hangar
Keywords: Hangar, upwell structures


Suggestion: Put delivered items to normal hangar
Keywords: Hangar, upwell structures

In Upwell Structures you have option to deliver items to other players. The delivered items go directly to the deliveries hangar.

Items in delivery hangar can not be interacted with remotely. So player A delivers item to player B. Player B realizes that the items are really far away and wants to give them away to someone else. There is no way to give them away at all without physically travelling to the location where the items are.

(Georgia Bayer) #806

Suggestion: In Journal, replace “This mission expires…” with “5d 2h 3m”
Keywords: Journal, Missions, UI Text

The current text “This mission expires at 2050.1.1 25:15” is quite hard on the eyes and you have to manually calculate the exact remaining time up until very close to expiration time when the format changes, which gets tedious - especially when having many missions active at once. This would help having a clear picture about the remaining times after a single glance. Should be quite easy to implement too.

Finally, if someone felt the exact date shouldn’t be missing, either add “(YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM)” at the end of the remaining time counter or add it as a hover tooltip for even more legibility.

(Wolf Tongue) #807

Suggestion: more shutdown notifications
Keywords: shutdown, notification
Note: At the moment there are some shutdown messages which appears beginning from 1 hour before the daily shutdown happens. I think this can be immproved:

  • Send a message to each pilot who logs on dureing the shutdown phase (1 hour before shutdown) which should prevent losses because you have not watched the clock (or if you are new to eve).
  • Make a setting to give a warning message if you want to undock during the one hour shutdown period. (Something like if you want to undock with offline modules.)
  • Maybe add the shutdown countdown somewhere on the screen.

(Wolf Tongue) #808

Suggestion: default location for input and output
Keywords: input container, output container, industry, default, blueprints, reaction formulars
Note: At the moment the game saves for each blueprint or reaction the input and output container. If you have a lot of them it would be great the set default input and output containers for blueprints and reactions.

So you can easily tab trought all your blueprints if you e.g. are searching for what you can produce with the current materials you have.

(Karshay Vermillion) #809

Suggestion: Ability to assign a choice of colours to each market order in the Wallet window’s Orders tab.
Keywords: UI, QoL, wallet, market, orders, colour

As a character’s number of market orders increases, so does the workload to manage your market activities.

For the purpose of making it easier to maintain your market orders, a player could right click on any order in your WALLET window (orders tab), and assign a colour to it. The order would then appear on the orders tab in that window with a background of that colour, right across the table. The colours should not appear in the MARKET window (for obvious reasons).

For example, you might assign red for orders that are hot on the market and require a lot of attention, or blue for orders that don’t need to be checked very often. A player can develop whatever system they choose for each colour.

Alternatively, a new column of data could be added, where the player could assign a colour to each order. This would have the added advantage of being able to sort/filter the table by colour. So, if a player wants to assign yellow to orders that only require checking once a week, they could sort by that colour, and then check just those orders much more quickly and easily, instead of having to navigate through the entire list of orders.

Either way, a selection of half a dozen or so colours at a minimum would be nice, although it is understood that the text of the order still needs to be clearly readable.

Thank you
Karshay Vermillion

(Astevon) #810

Suggestion: Add option “Match price” when rightclicking sell orders
Keywords: market
Note: I’ve been typing in those prices the same way for ages, always matching someone else’s price, why not automate it.

So clicking the option would open up window to set up new sell order, with price already filled out. And ready to be scrolled down for that 0.01 isking for those few that are into that kind of thing. Should reduce mistyping as well.

You could maybe check for item availability after clicking, maybe giving an error like “The same item was not found ready to be sold from item hangar at the same location”