Modules that add to Agility

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Since align time was added to the fitting window it is easy to see how a module will affect a ships ability to enter warp in a short space of time. This means adding inertia stabs, Nanofiber and friction rigs will all get you into warp quicker. I’m wondering about the effect of hyperspatial velocity optimizer rigs and if the same modules apply to deceleration at the end of a warp. You warp into a location where there is a target but they will see you arriving on grid before you are able to start locking that target. So my question is are the factors that determine that deceleration the same as those that apply to acceleration into warp ?

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They aren’t.

I don’t recall the specifics but deceleration is capped at some value to prevent Interceptors from being too fast at dropping out of warp.

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I could do with a bit more info, not everything is about interceptors

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Pretty sure I read an old dec blog a week or two ago the detailed some changes with warp mechanics. You could try Google.

These mechanics and other like them are generally really old and to be honest are not really something I would ask about here, as it’s very likely that most people don’t know your answers.

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You are probably right but it’s not most peoples answer that I am after
Some people who post on here really know their Eve

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You’re right. I was more or less cautioning you when reading some people reply. When I get home I will look for that dev blog and see if it has some of the info you’re after.

Can maybe try posting the question on Eve Reddit as well.

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Found this link about six results down.

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It seems like eve uni knows whats up:

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I forget where I put the link, but I did see that on Sunday (I think) CCP is going to be doing a game mechanics presentation at EVE Vegas. Might not cover this specific topic, but it’ll be very interesting to see what they do discuss.


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Just because they can see you entering the grid doesn’t mean they can lock you. The question you might try to get answered is, so long as you are in warp can you be locked just as you can’t do any locking. I won’t claim qualification to answer that question. It seems only fair but of course this is EvE where fair is just a fart in the wind.

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This is true invulnerability from warp works both ways but someone can begin positioning, loading scripts, ammunitions launch drones, call for backup and many other things without having to be able to lock you.

I’ve found this topic that seems to think that the only factor affecting deceleration out of warp is warp speed and the cap is 6 AU/s

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or, if your a cowardly scrublord like me, running faction warfare plexes, the time it takes you to come out of warp is time that I spend aligning.

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There’s worse things than that. Bots that are not aligned still warp out when you land on grid because they have low friction rigs. You need to literally turn your ship into a flying sensor booster to catch them.

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