Items of devices to get into warp fasterif

I wonder if there are any Items or devices - maybe skills - to get into warp faster.

well there are a few ways to go into warp faster
big think is the Alignement time
the the alignement time down … you go to warp faster
you can hit your afterburner/microwarpdrive 1 cycle to get faster to the needed speed

thats the 2 easy things you can do


The 3 main factors that influence your Align Time is:

  • Ship’s mass - nothing can be done about this, other than not adding too much more mass to it; Armor Plates among others.
  • Ship’s agility - here you can use modules like the Inertia Stabilizer
  • Ship’s speed - AB/MWD and modules affecting ships base speed. Using a Propulsion mod for 1 cycle can sometimes be beneficial if the ship has an align time greater than 10 sec.
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Oh, a classic :slight_smile:
First of all: Speed tank is king! It’s better not to be caught than to keep up shields for 5 additional seconds.

So Inertia Stabilzers do a good job, I also like Nanofiber Internal Structure. Overdrives on the other hand make your ship faster, but do not help to reach the 75% velocity threshold to jump.
There are also two astronautic rigs that help: Polycarbon Engine Housing and Low Friction Nozzle Joints help with agility. You can check when simulating your fitting in a fitting window, each affecting new rig or module changes the values of speed and/or alignment.
Just try and fit an Atron with all of these - It’s a real speedy :slight_smile:
And even a Nereus can be fit to astonishing fast travel, you may add a Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer (Rig) for quick hauling.

Further tips are welcome!

Items have been mentioned already.
But there are also skills that help to decrease the time you need to get into warp:

  • Evasive Manuvering: 5% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level
  • Space Ship Command: 2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level

You can read more about skills that are very good to have here:

There are also Implants that can help with align time and the warp speed. But keep in mind that these are destroyed with your pod. You might want to keep that for later, when you have more experience and don’t think you might loose your capsule anytime soon.

Oh, and for really slow ships, there is also the MWD-Cloak Trick.


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