Warp Deceleration Rigs

Hyperspacial Collapse Compensator

Reduce the time it takes to land from warp drastically without affecting max warp speed or acceleration. 250 Calibration T2. No capital variant. Max one rig similar to Higgs. Penalty to max capacitor.

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Use a higs

Higgs makes you land faster?

Oh no sorry i meant hyper spacial

Your warp speed and acceleration are tied to one another

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I’m aware of this. The purpose of this rig is to dramatically change landing speed which is less affected by hyperspacials than acceleration. Yes hyperspacial velocity optimizer does affect both I know but this new compensator will only change the deceleration but much much more.

The idea is less time to react when someone fit with it lands. Less invulnerability from tackle for short align time ships. More pew. More content.

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… they are both the same attribute

that’s what fast tackle ships like ceptors are for

Just do the experiment yourself in game. Even a 20au/s dramiel lands pathetically slow to the point where the 5 second delay from a covert cloak outlocks it. It shoots in to warp like a bullet, this is the kind of effect I want on landing.

Just because they’re the same attribute doesn’t mean the effect is identical or that its impossible to make the compensator a thing.

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I said they were the same attribute not that they were the same speed. after entering grid there is a point where your agi takes over the deceleration. you will see a massive difference in your exit from warp using warp speed implants/mods/rigs because they are affecting the same attributes.

there is no need to raise it any higher than it already is. if you want more of a surprise use a cloak. the person on grid should be given proper time to react if they get away then that is the advantage of them paying attention and using a fast ship. if you have warp speed rigs you should be able to catch them where they are warping and land ahead of them

I used to do this all the time catching plexers in FW.

I think they need less time to react on the contrary. That or warp spool up times instead of alignment. The only way to get caught is by not paying attention or getting caught by a camping covert. It should be more than just human error there should be a time where you just can’t get away fast enough even when you pushed warp and were looking.

I’m aware of following and estimating where players will warp. I just think that if their next destination is a station or safe it kind of kills the fun and danger that eve used to have before everyone and their mothers were sub 2 second frigates.

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you can still get caught… I used to catch people all the time even in pre-aligned plexing ships. you have to watch where they warp and warp after them. At this point it comes mostly down to the two pilots preparations and skill

I give up. Apparently anything that makes fights more likely is frowned upon by features and ideas. Everything is fine the way it is and no change or new mechanic is ever necessary.

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this doesn’t make fights anymore likely. The start of the fight isn’t when you begin shooting. The fight starts when you begin hunting your target. You must balance it from there. There must be both chances to catch and to get away. right now in eve this set up is already balanced pretty well except with some of the acceleration gate mechanics that really need to be looked at.

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You’re talking to me as if I haven’t been here since 2007. I’m aware of hunting and that is not fighting. I’m just trying to make space more dangerous. And yes it would make fights way way more likely.

Have fun blowing up someone’s farming venture when he made fifty times the ship hull semi afk plexing in an hour. That’ll show him. Oh wait he will just continue farming because nothing of value was lost except your time ‘hunting’ him with that Maulus Navy Issue.

Some things should be simple. Warping in on someone who isn’t actively looking on dscan should make it likely to catch them. At the moment appearance on overview gives plenty of time to warp out even in a fast warping ship.

It shouldn’t be feasible to make so much money in a ‘warzone’ while investing just a tech I frigate and warping away at any sign of danger. This is how bots are born.

As I’ve seen on the forums so far most players here are happy to sit around having their time wasted and reject any kind of idea that would make people easier to catch or put them in a more dangerous environment where they would have to invest larger ships. You don’t want less safety? Okay I get it. So yeah I’m over it.

but it is. Both parties are actively competing to achieve conflicting goals

bots can use d-scan too.

no you’re just trying to make the game easier for you just like all the HS care bares trying to make the game more “fun” by adding safe spaces.

fixed that.

it’s plenty possible to catch just about anyone you just have to put in more effort for some. If you don’t enjoy chancing down those with no interest in having pew with you maybe try looking for those who do. I mean that may mean you have to actually put yourself at risk but you said you were looking to make things more dangerous

I’ve been doing things the long way for a long time. Used to be less YouTube and no dscan hotkey. Only thing that’s gotten easier is staying safe. You know nothing.

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I just don’t see how faster deceleration makes for more fights, it seems to me it makes for less fights.


Then you obviously don’t play eve.

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he’s right it would be used more by people running away

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Yeah I think instant align needs to be looked as smartbombs being the only thing that can catch them is broken already. Especially because based on someone’s geographic location they CAN catch people before they can even covert cloak or warp out in a sub2. That’s another story.

deceleration is hard capped at 6 AU/s WS (according to eveuni) for a reason.