Higgs Anchor bumping

The whole idea of the Higgs Anchor rig is to get out before they land on you.
My question is if you are covert ops cloaked and ram someone… do they get to warp off even when bumped?

Depends on how successful the bump is.

If you’re in a frig-sized Covert Ops ship bumping a higgs rigged Orca, you aren’t likely to make much of a difference. You need to have enough mass to change the speed and/or vector of the target to prevent it from getting into warp.

The point of the Higgs rig is to increase your mass to make it harder to bump you. Combining it with an activated mwd (increases mass) and trimarks (also increase mass) makes it harder to bump you further. Adding a friend into the equation, who webs you, makes it even harder.

I think the first poster misread your post … or maybe I did … but anyway, gotta add that using a Higgs rig in a bumping ship will lower your velocity so much that bumping someone for a greater distance becomes rather problematic, or impossible.

Using the Higgs properly means staying aligned at all times, at a really low velocity (bonus points when webbed, lowering max velocity even further). In mining ships, it allows you to slowboat through the belt while always being within the requirements for warping out immediately. My own mining fleet snailed through belts at 8msec, sucking them completely dry.

The Higgs rig exists to minimize the impact of a bump, but also to help you warp off easier, with less delay, by having you move around continuously at a velocity which allows you to stay “on the field” for longer without the need to turn around.


Honestly, I’m not sure why mining ships don’t just duel each other for the limited engagement timers (using remote reps to transmit LET like an STD), then spider-web each other. Combined with a higgs rig, you’d be able to run faster than your ship will fly at top speed. Fleet warp and everything gets out nearly immediately even if you were not aligned/being bumped. Ofc you’ll have combat timers, so they could be ready for you on your warpout point to get you before you dock/tether…

That’s what I’d do if I ever fell so far as to highsec mine in Orcas.

I might haven’t got your point, but I came with a few factors to that. First, only Industrial Commande Ship can use effectively RR modules. The fact to that is that Mining Barges and Exhumers only have two, which are exclusively fitted with Strip Miners, as only using one is just killing your mining yield by 50% (if you’re not using Mining Drones). So, only Porpoise and Orca can fit them, and they only get a bonus to Shield Transporters range, not effectiveness or cap use, so each RR module can cost a lot in term of capacitor, which can put in great danger a Porpoise active tank (a bit less on Orca because the capacitor is bigger).

Concerning the Webifier, it’s again a problem with capacitor. Barges and Exhumers aren’t the ship with the biggest cap reserve in te cluster, and even under a Mining Foreman boost each Strip Miner consume a lot of cap per cycle. Adding an offensive EWAR module to the equation can be risky, even with good skills.

Trimarks don’t increase mass, they just reduce top speed. But that still makes them useful for the purpose you described.

Plates increase mass though.


Shrug, just use Orcas. The yield is lower, sure, but 10-15 orcas (or 50 depending on where you reside on the autism scale) will certainly do the job well.

Being Orcas, you’ve got massive buffers which means you aren’t gonna get blapped by gankers (you can leave well before they are ready to pull the trigger). Dual webs means you won’t have any real issue with bumpers. You can just warp off.

Your yield is lower, but so too is your risk. Given that this is about bumping, it obviously only is relevant in HS.

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