What is the point of the Higgs Rig?

It seems to make everything worse for your ship…so why use it?

It reduces the time from 0 to 3/4 (ready to warp). But mostly usefull for slow big boats.

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It’s a rig designed mostly for mining ships. Slowing down your maximum velocity allows you to spend more time in range of asteroids while moving at 3/4 of max speed and ready to enter warp.

The mass increase also makes it useful to collapse wormholes.

Finally, having +100% mass but -55% inertia modifier overall reduces the time it takes you to go from 0 to 3/4 max velocity, if you are trying to accelerate into warp to escape hostiles.


The basic idea for the Higgs anchor is to let a ship mine while aligned to a safe spot. That way, if threatened, it can instantly warp to safety. With a Mackinaw, for example, the Higgs reduces speed by to 22.5 M/S.


Aside from anchoring mining ships, it also has a use in wormholes. If you live in a wormhole you sometimes get wormhole connections to places you do not want. For example, you want to rat but you’re connected to a pvp group. Or you want to roll your static connection for a good hauling connection. (A static is a WH that will respawn and connect to a different place after you collapse it.)

A wormhole collapsed after a certain amount of mass is put through (the mass limit is known up to 10% uncertainty.) So you can close wormholes by moving battleships back and forth through it. Since a higgs rig doubles the mass, it halves the amount of BS passes you need.

2 uses mine while aligned and increases mass on ship which helps with colapsing wormholes

What Erethond said, plus …
… it’s great for sniping with 1400s.

When you get out of warp you’ll be much slower, and much faster at a full stop, meaning better tracking.

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I’ve read about being bumped is harder if your ship is heavier, so you have even better chances to reach the necessary alignment to warp away from calamities.
But for I never was bumped yet, it needs a try :slight_smile:

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