Higgs anchor

The Higgs anchor makes no sense as a rig, I propose it be changed to an active module.
Seriously though can you imagine a cruise liner dragging its anchor the whole way across the pacific :joy:
Having it as an active module makes more sense and I could shout anchors away whenever I use it.
Make it so CCP you know it makes sense.

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It makes perfect sense as a rig.


As a wormholer, I would both love and hate the higgs being an active module.
Love it because I could burn back to the hole faster to roll it.
Hate it because I’m now less likely to catch rollers, because they’re burning back to the hole faster…

I think its fine as a rig.

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Would you drive to the store with the handbrake on all the way or use it just when you get there lol.
And there are ways it could be changed like once deactivated there is a delay of XX this would mean you could still catch rollers as you do now.

Clicked the wrong reply lol see my new post :slight_smile:

What? Higgs mining is the top passive use of the rig.


The Higgs rig is a niche item with some clear advantages and disadvantages* and is fine as it is. If it doesn’t work for your use-case, try something else?

Propulsion modules, especilly oversized, also add a lot of weight to your ship when active if you are looking for extra mass as defence against bumps or to roll holes. And these modules are active! :wink:

*(The higgs rig also has unclear disadvantages too, I remember the surprise and laughter when we found out that rolling haulers cannot warp out of bubbles with a nullifier, as the higgs rig apparently disables nullification…)

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IIRC: This was introduced to combat Yachting, where uncatchable oversized prop Luxury Yachts were being used to roll holes.


Males Makes sense!

bringing analogies with real world to a video game with pixels is a non sense
eve is not a full 100% realistic simulation. Have you seen any jumpbridge in real world? or clone respawn?

There are some game mechanics, The pros/cons for higgs anchor are a game mechanic, like a snooker rule 'you have to pot a red ball first, followed by a colored ball, a red ball, a colored ball, and so on". NNo need to build an analogy with how you drive your car in real life

Females as well! :rofl:


Are you mansplaining? :thinking:



Says the guy bringing the snooker analogy lol analogies like that exist for a reason they can be useful in describing something, rl jumpbridge get a grip dude obviously this is Sci Fi.

A permanent brake/anchor is still absurd the analogies stand and people use them for a reason like you just did.
I have not asked to get rid of any drawbacks it has, like the nullification, And it would be easy enough to add a delay before u regain normal speed or any other effect to keep it balanced.
This just makes far more sense as an active module instead of a rig.
All it would change is the fitting choice from rig to module slot.
If you don’t like the idea thats fine don’t have any issue with that.

And for your future ref -
a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
a correspondence or partial similarity
a thing which is comparable to something else in significant respects

Shouldn’t need to explain this eh

Well, you still haven’t explained why such a change would be a change for the better. Because if Higgs Anchors are just a module, the choice to use it would have far less consequences.

Let me explain it a bit:

  • First: As a Wormholer, I need Higgs-rigged ships all the time and I know that when using one, I’ll have a serious disadvantage: Speed. So when I need to reapproach the hole on the other side to jump back, often Situations occur that I am 13km off the hole and need to crawl back to 5000m into jump range while I already have an Interdictor or Ceptor on Dscan. Without Higgs Anchor my Battleship would easily make 1500m/s on overheated MWD and accelerate quickly. A Phoon with Overdrives II does easily 2000+. No chance for anyone to catch me if he isn’t already at the other side to put an instant scram on me. However with Higgs Anchor I make barely 200m/s, maybe 250 on a fast one and that with pretty slow acceleration.
    This might sound bad for me, but it offers options for PvP. Chances for an engagement, to situations wher one plan crushes someone elses plan. And thats good. Thats content. Thats fun. Even if it playes against me sometimes.

With your suggestion I simply don’t activate the Higgs-Mode on my way back if anything dangerous is on the Dscan and I’ll be gone in 5 seconds.

  • Second: Higgs-rigged ships have another serious advantage: They basically cannot slowboat under cloak. With the speed reduction of the Higgs Rig and the additional reduction of the cloaking device, they barely move a few m/s. They are easily decloaked if you know they are there, they will need a long time to move out of any bubble or tackle range.

Without that rig, the higgs-module will be offline under cloak and thus my ship won’t have those combined penalties, making it way easier to slowboat to safety and after a few minutes their chances to get me decloaked are down to almost zero. Again less chances for catching someone, getting a fight or an escalatiion out of it.

  • Third: Having a specialized rigged ship is an investment. One that gets rewarded with better rolling abilities, thus many people in WH space are willing to pay for it. This creates additional demand for ships (alone my corp has at least 30 higgs-rigged battleships in our home hole. For the total of WH space we are talking about thousands of additional Battleships that need to be produced, require minerals, PI mats, need to be moved etc…). Not even counted HICs that come on top. All that offers content for other people (from industry over transportation to fighting) and possible additional loot for those able to invade and take a WH system.

With your suggestion, all a corp needs would be a bunch of those higs modules and then they could just use any ship they like for rolling conveniently.

Conclusion: I see many benefits of the current situation and actually little what would make your idea better than what we currenlty have. Change my mind.

No. It wouldn’t. Did you just flat-out ignore my last post? You’re getting rid of the top passive use of the rig: Higgs mining. Allows for very safe mining with proper planning in any security level space.

And how would that change other than it being an active module instead that you can now turn off to regain your nomal speed and agility etc.
Just add in the drawbacks that people have mentioned ot keep it balanced.

First -
As i already stated the drawback could be left there by having a delay before you regain speed agility etc.
You would have more experience on what would constitue a fair timer on that.

Second -
If you hadn’t had the module active previously and was not on the cooldown for the drawback you would get normal speed I see np here.
And a barge is hardly quick moving cloaked paying attention they still have a good chance to find you.

Thirdly - While if changed to a module it would cause some issues to start with prices in EvE go by supply and demand there is no reason a module if in demand would not be high value require certain resources to make etc could also have faction versions with slight reductions on drawbacks or something along those lines.
Wouldn’t exactly be the biggesst change ever made.

People seem to be forgetting one of the intended uses of the rig, being able to pre align at a crawl mine away and get into warp quicker as u are at full speed a handy thing when out in dangerous areas.
I am not saying anything should change in what the rig does just having the ability to turn it off makes sense. Designing a brake/anchor you could not turn off is bad design whichever way you want too look at it.
If CCP could add the ability to activate/deactivate the rig that would work for me but no idea if possible like that.

Thank you for a contstructive post appreciated

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