Higgs Rig and normal movement

I’m thinking about an atypical fit for reasons not needing to be discussed here for brevity.

I dont want to fit a ship to find out it works like shjt except for a mining ship.

How can I keep my movement “normal” with a Higgs rig?

Mwd? Is there a way to unpower the rig when not needing it? Etc?

All I need is a normal movement for a frigate size…so something like 300+ if using mwd

You can’t do that with a rig and a higgs rig makes you a slug.

Yes so it wont work with mwd and come out somewhere into normal movement?

I suppose but will raise your mass REALLY high. If it matters.

I dont think it will matter. The mwd will only be for operating sites. The ship will otherwise only be a warp ship. No tactical maneuvers needed.

I’ll play with the numbers when home. I been out mountaineering this weekend.

Why would you use a higgs rig for any other purpose than rolling wormholes, even then, ya know? Do sites with rigs that make the site doable faster. I’ve noticed today’s eve is MUCH less populated, once doing wh relics at my age would be white knuckle stuff, but I’ve made several billion with my little helios.
Buying injectors as I go, this is a forum alt obviously and jita trader.

You know I want to see how far I can get in alpha first. To make an Asteros that wont just get popped I figured it needed less than 2sec warp. A Higgs seemed like a possible solution. I might find others based on all those contributions over the weekend. Still reading thru them all.

I have an alt training as an alpha but I find the limitations too much. I will train to the extent I can, then I will omega and it will be of use. If you haven’t played eve before this is only a prolongoning of their original 3 week trial.

Basically I’m at that stage. I see no reason to go omega till hes trained up. But the lack of a cloak is the only problem. The other limitations I dont care about yet.

You might like to have a play around in Pyfa as this will let you see the fit with your skills.

I’m don’t think you’ll get anything approaching ‘normal’ speed even with an MWD, but you can try a bunch of different fits in Pyfa before spending any money to see what will/won’t work.


I would risk wh relics then, I got 77mill out of 1 can. just spam dscan as per usual. In a scanning frig with some bonus mods and rigs. The frostline mod seems a good 2 in 1 for data/relic if you can use.

I unfortunately dont have the ability to access pyfa and when I’m home I dont need it? You can just simulate fit in game? that’s what I been doing so far

Yeah but I cant do the wh sites because most of them are lvl4s+? Needing the asteros becaus of its bonuses

yeah, unless trained up on data, archaology that’s an issue

Well. Being able to scan down the next site is the first issue. Then it’s a matter of avoiding hostiles?

You would go into a cl3 or below wh. bookmark your exit and have regular cloak, if you can fit. I don’t know if alphas can. Fly off to 70 from any planet and engage cloak after launching probes.
Probe out entire system, do sites worthy, always checking Dscan for activity while doing so. The relics wih the intact salvage seem to be the way. Archaology 3 with bonuses will probably do it.
You can scan while cloaked. A normal limited cloak even. Just make sure to remember to bookmark your exit for getting out fast if it’s active.

Cant cloak as alpha (that alone is almost driving me to omega soon.).

But I really want to try and fit an outside the box solution with the warp tank thread ideas…just get a super small warp align.

My usual MO is new system >warp off a celestial > create bookmarks > warp between bookmarks constantly while d-scan and scanning down sites.

If you’re looking to venture into WHs I don’t think the ‘warp tank’ idea will help, because of Interdictors. A bubble on the WH/site will prevent you from warping anywhere, and due to the higgs rig you’ll be much slower than usual, so burning out won’t really be an option.

In low-sec systems it might assist with getting you out of gate camps, if it gets you into warp fast enough.

I have seen uncloaked Probes running sites in WHs, they sit on the ‘in’ WH while scanning, then head off to do a site. So long as you’re not scouted in advance you should be able to get out if anyone appears next to you in a site (i.e. they don’t already have your exit bubbled). This works best if coming in from high/low sec systems as the other side of the WH can be bubbled too in Null/WHs.


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Great point. I had hoped i didnt have to pre-scout the wormhole but because of this I probably will.

Basically go around get what I can in my imicus. Then check the holes and use the asteros if anything good in there.

I hoped to avoid that cuz it’s a pain…all-in-one is easier.

But the imicus can get me as far as identifying lvl 4s and lvl 5s. Just cant pop them

@Alistair_Atreides I notice you have a habit of being rather secretive in your posts with what you’re trying to accomplish, so I think I should make it clear that there is no such thing as a “secret fit”, so you might as well tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and we can tell you how to best accomplish that goal. Keep in mind that there exist scanner modules that can determine how your ship is fitted, the contents of your cargohold, even how a POS is fitted and when its armor and hull are vulnerable. And even if no one scans you, you will die eventually and then your “secret fit” becomes public for all to see on zKillboard. And of course with fitting tools like Pyfa we can create every hypothetical fit imaginable. There are no secrets; help us help you, there are no secrets between you and the rest of the EVE community :slight_smile: