Looking For A Module/Rig Explanation Video

Hello everyone, I am a returning player to EVE and was wondering if anyone has made a YouTube video yet going over all the different Modules and Rigs you can equip on your Ship. It would be great to know as a new player what I was capable of and what others were capable of doing to me.

My memory of last time I played EVE I had undocked in Low sec and 2 ships paralyzed my ship and I was shot dead. I have no idea what they did to me, or what I could have done to escape. Would love to watch a video that goes over the modules and rigs of EVE and how to use them. Knowing what I can do or what can be done to me would help greatly in choosing skills to train as well.

Thanks to anyone that could link a video if they know of one. I’ve searched but can’t quite find one that focuses on just discussing modules and rigs in depth.

Thanks again pilots :slight_smile:

sorry to say, but modules and/or rigs probably wouldnt have helped you there.

If you ever get caught off the undock, you can just re-dock and you are safe.

Otherwise, If youre out in the field, and get tackled by 2 people, only your skill and knowledge will get you out of a situation like that.

If youre simply trying to travel, however, and do not care about combat or doing anything else at all, then you can try “Warp Core stabilizers”. They add a +1 to your warp core strength, you will need 1 for a warp disruptor, and 2 for a warp scramblers, so a safe bet would be to have 3-4. Warp core stabilizers will utterly desolate your ability to fight them actively, however, so fit accordingly.

But this will be useless if you are against more than 3-4. In those cases, what you should be looking in to, is to either find friends or have a scout, or using other strategies like a MWD cloak trick.

The modules/rigs in eve are so expansive that a mere video or two will not allow you to be able to fit a ship. It all depends on what type of person you are, what your goals are, and what your skill level is.

Ask here in the new citizens Q&A forums for more advice if you want to know more about something. Or ask here in this topic, id be happy to answer.

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This is a perfect reasonable request…unfortunately, there is no, single reasonable answer. It’s just far, far too complex of a discussion for there to be a single summary of all of this-people literally spend years getting all of this down, and no two pilots or situations are quite alike…

But! Let me try to suggest some things that can help.

Here’s a presentation from E-Uni that can serve as an introduction to fitting your ship:


And the course material that goes along with it:


Now, this barely gets into any detail on modules, but covers the mechanics and some considerations of fitting a ship.

To expand on that, I would highly recommend your next stop being the installation of PYFA, which is a fitting tool that you can experiment with. This lets you see and compare all ships and modules, but most importantly, you can see how these things work with your skills:


That link will get you to the software and give you an introduction to using it. A really good way to experiment with this and learn about fitting is to:

  1. Identify a ship you want to fly or are flying
  2. Google for fits
  3. Load them into PYFA and see how it works with your skills, reading notes on the fits if available (to get insight into why they were fit the way they were)
  4. Compare and try different modules in the tool and see what happens to the stats

The cool thing about PYFA is that all of the modules are listed and categorized so you can explore what’s available, what they do, and what different options are.

The next step I’d suggest would be to Google PVP and the ship that you are flying. You want to see both kills and victims so you know what can be successful and what can die, as well as tactics for using and taking on that ship. Take that with a big grain of salt, because every fit has a counter. But, this will give you some insight into how some of the PVP strategies and fitting concepts will work for you. For example, here’s a vid of a Stratios popping a Gnosis (using scrams, webs, and neuts to catch it and drones to kill it):

And another example of a Gnosis winning a fight:

Don’t take those as gospel, but as examples and data points.

Fitting is both an art and science, and is highly dependent on your skills, strategy, environment, what you are doing, the phase of the moon, and whether you remembered to sacrifice that chicken last night :rofl:

If you want to dig deeper into specific modules, E-Uni has tons of articles on specific kinds of modules that you might find helpful as well.

I know that’s not quite the answer you were hoping for, but the beauty of EVE is that it is so deep and complex, and unfortunately, that gets right to the heart of your question.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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Thank you Jenne for all that info, wow! And yes, I was afraid my question might have been more difficult to answer than just watching a quick video on YouTube, but I’m still hoping maybe even a basic video about modules and rigs may exist. I believe last time I played I had found a database of modules and rigs on a website. Cant really remember as that was more than a year ago now, but how awesome for us new players would it be if a EVE YouTuber went down a list and talked about them. (If no ones done it by the time I become an expert I’m on it! ha ha)

Really cool you mentioned EveUni I was just looking into them and am thinking about joining them to learn the EVE ropes and attend their classes but I fear I might even be too much of a noob to even join them. Do you know if they take brand new players? Well not brand new but pretty much, I basically just solo mined most of the time and station traded a little my first time around. Was reading they use Mumble, curious if they have a Discord. I’ll keep checking around and I’ll be sure to go over all that info you posted for me to look at. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

More than happy to help. I should mention that E-Uni offers regular, free courses on playing the game to members and non-members alike:


And, as far as membership, yes they absolutely do take new players. There are other new player options, but I would highly recommend joining up if you have even casual interest. They will definitely teach you all you want to know and try out a lot of different things in the game.

As far as the database, PFYA essentially contains that. However, it won’t necessarily give you the “hows” and “whys” of using different modules. For example, scrams don’t make sense for a PVE fit in HS, railgun aren’t awesome for brawlers, shield tanked Ishtars work better than you might think, etc. That’s where practice and research comes in handy. I guarantee you won’t regret spending quality time tweaking and learning in PYFA :slight_smile:

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Check the game log that is stored in your documents in the EVE folder. It tells you exactly what was used on you and when.


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Ahh good to know, thank you Nisanthro

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