Survival guide for noobs / newbies / newbro / alpha made by me your biggest noob in Eve Online

Hello, I’m new to Eve Online, around 6 weeks old.
A few things about my self

  • I play mmorpg’s since 2003
  • I usually like to pvp, only do pve if it’s very challenging
  • I love sharing information
    The buttom line is that I have a vrey fast learning curve when it come to games.

I saw that in game are a lot of new players in diferent new playes corporations that have trouble flying ships in diferent locations of New Eden, I made a video about how I fly my ships in Eve, made it to be a part of survival or to improve their skill in piloting ships and make better decisions in hopefully any situation.

I have viewed a lot of good youtubers, streamers, talked to a lot of experienced playes in game and on discord and added new little things while l learned.

Here is my video, Fly safe o7


I uploaded another video for new players and I will be showing you:

  • how to fit a exploration ship
  • what skills you need for exploration
  • how to find signatures
  • how to scan properly
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This is part 2 of exploration guide:

  • how to hack properly
  • what skills and modules are important for hacking
  • what sites are good to hack
  • how to defend from ganking when hacking
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This is the second episode in how to survive in EVE Online - Making Bookmarks

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