New player question about Isk

As the others wrote it is a personal decision that varies among players substantially.

Take me for instance, I didn’t know a lot about the game when I started; and while the game is more or less what I originally thought it was, the details (obscure rules, the meta game, player outlooks, etc.) are very different from my initial expectations. I came to blow up internet spaceships (and get blown up in the process), but a lot of players came to build those internet spaceships.

It never dawned on me to build and “sustain”. I was all about “blowing up” when I started, so I expected to lose everything in the end.

Actually one of the first threads I posted in New Citizens I wrote of my expectations to leave a trail of my corpses behind me in pursuit of my goal at the time.

Not everyone feels that way. And that’s alright, too. :slight_smile:

What is important is to find your comfort zone with loss; and to find a group of players you have fun playing EVE with who either share your outlook on loss or support your position on ship loss.


Eve doesn’t have any defined victory conditions. It’s up to each of us to choose a measure of success. For some, it’s their killboard. For others, their wallet. As others have said, it really should be whether you enjoy what you do in the game - it is, after all, a game!

What you consider a lot of ISK will also be very subjective - veteran players will typically have much deeper pockets than new players. Real world incomes also play a role - it’s easy to recover from a billion ISK loss if you can comfortably afford to buy PLEX from CCP!

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Sounds like you had fun, that’s priceless.

I need numbers
You guys trun it in a psychology text about the fun in Eve online
I’ll just asume it is a 1k mil isk

Thank you

You won’t get a number, as it is really different to each player. And then it also depends on what you are doing with that ship.

I have a multi billion ISK jump freighter that I happy take out to ship stuff in and out if nullsec.

That doesn’t mean that my PvP ships will be the same value as that. So value at risk and where it starts to matter depends on the player and situation, as long as you follow the first golden rule of EVE you are fine.

you won’t get them
have you read what everybody answered? you won’t get numbers from us, because the value of one ship varies for each player, his activities, his daily income, if he pays his abo with real money, etc.
you want numbers?
my answer is “42”

see " The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything"


The value of stuff you lose depends a lot on how much you earn and at what stage of gameplay you are at.

  • If I lost a T1 scout Probe in lowsec or jspace, meh, just ammo, pocket change (1.5 mill or thereabouts).
  • If I lost a hauler with 200 mill cargo on the way to Jita, I’d be annoyed with myself for fuqing up.
  • If I lost an Orca to trigs cos I was afk (not that I ever have) then I’d be doubly annoyed and a 1 bill isk loss would sting for a bit.
  • If I gave a newbro corpie 10x T1 fitted frigates to practice PvP in lowsec and he lost them all, I’d only ask how much fun he had cos they are already written off.

But that’s me, for some 1 bill is pocket change, for others 10 bill, for others …

So as ever in Eve the only right answer is “It depends …”

EDIT: I seem to have replied to myself, I am forumtard.


You’re in luck, there are buckets full of numbers.

You are really asking the wrong question. The question really is “what will I need to make me happy?”. If it’s big numbers in a wallet, great, collect zeros and blow your mind. A billion ISK is peanuts to some and a fortune to others.

In Eve, as in the real world, value and wealth are subjective. Often the person’s value and wealth aren’t expressible in terms of currency - I value friends, not because they are rich but because they are good friends. I have an old cheap sports car and a day to day shopping car cost me ten times the amount of money, but the sports car is more valuable to me; if someone said “you can only keep one” I’d keep the one I have more fun in and have the better memories of.

A couple of weeks back I gave a new player a destroyer, well fitted and with faction ammunition, to help him out in a mission. To him that was an incredibly valuable thing - both as a asset and as a sign of friendship in a game that has a harsh reputation. To me, it was a fraction of the the profit I can make on a single manufacturing run - small change - but something I was glad to spend my ISK on.

If you value only gold then you’ll have a cold hard life.

“What do you get if you multiply six by nine?” - you do realise we are both showing our age and background?


I listened to it on the wireless :slight_smile:


Okay, here is my number on what matters:

Square root of -1 = answer

to add to the discussion, i once laughed when i saw a video on reddit with a title like “winning the lottery in explo: hacking the treasure can” showing a 2 month-old eve player looting a can in a relic site with… 8 millions…
i laughed, because, at this time, it was still frequent to hack cans with 50-80 millions of relic loot in one can in sanshas and guristas relic sites (intact armor plates or drone receivers) and i was used to looting 100M/h as a mean. I know, i know, now the loot value has decresed due to offer and supply, but it was 2 years ago.
But for this guy, quite new to eve, who had probably done explo mainly in hi-sec before, it was a so huge amount of money that he felt lucky enough to post it on reddit


So, what do we learn? Dear OP, invest skilling time in hacking and archaeology and enjoy the loot :slight_smile:

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(there really should be a heightened level of sarcasm tag)
I’m sure the OP doesn’t need to know how to do that…
(normal level of sarcasm being restored).

I will always recommend the University as a good site to learn things from.


Look at it this way (all costs are hull only):

A T1 frigate costs 300-500K isk, a T2 frigate 25-30M isk, a faction frigate 50-70M isk
A T1 cruiser costs 10-12M isk, a T2 cruiser 200-250M isk, a faction cruiser 100-200M isk
A T1 battleship costs 200-250M isk, a T2 battleship 900M-1.3B isk, a faction battleship 600-750M isk

A T1 industrial costs 1M isk, a T2 industrial 200-300M isk. A freighter 1.5B isk, a jump freighter (T2 freighter) 9-10B isk

A venture (T1 mining frigate) costs 250K isk, a T2 mining frigate 20-30M isk, a T1 mining barge 20-30M isk, a T2 mining exhumer 250-300M isk. Porpoise 70M, Orca 800M, Rorqual 2B isk (all industrial command ships).

Look at what you’re making now, look at the cost of the ships, and you have a very rough idea of how much ISK starts to matter.


I figured it will be more like a auction the bet will be higher and higher :joy:, but you guys put a stop and gave me a slap on my face :rofl:

any interesting ship fits you found along the way? :thinking:

Numbers can guide you on your way

This is what I like, finally a practical guy I bow my head before you sir. You made a good point and gave me a really good ideea :sunglasses:

Thank you for your support, keep up the good work :joy:

Well I asked one question and look what happned, what if I asked about PVP? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Note to self: IamAlone is just trolling NCQ&A

Ok, then…

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Ok, an hour of running L1 missions netted a new skilled alt about 1.3 mill

and hour of miniing topped 3 mill if mining in system, more if I was willing to travel and find nicer rocks

an hour of exploration? well that all comes down to luck but in the timed hour I made about 15 mill, a mix of hisec and a wormhole dive or two.

Things not yet tried/timed is trade, industry (I know it will not go well) I also have not tried faction warfare, if anyone has the numbers for a one hour spent doing that with a very low skil alpha? let me know.

as with all things in this game, as your personal skills and your in game sp climb the opportunity to make more isk happrns but if you are looking to get rich fast?



For that we can summon the forum god himself


Running missions it’s very booring, u have that convenient button called warp in you corner screen, you go pew pew the rats and dock and thats it.

Tryed mineing 1st week of starting the game, never doing it again.

i like very much exploration, its very interesting

Never going to happen

It’s not about getting rich, every one assumes that, but it was a simple question and noone can answer it apparently, except Felix Isimazu who made a vrey good point.

For me this topic is closed i got my answer.
Good Luck to you all.

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