Large rigs on supercarrier

Returning player, have an old super with 3x large trimark rigs on it.
When searching online people write that large “legacy” rigs should still work on capitals, but those are very old posts and when simulating my fit ingame, it seems they are in fact NOT supported. Can anyone confirm or should i perhaps contact CCP support?

Thank you in advance!

If they dont fit then they dont fit. Idk when last you played, but im sure changes were made since

Theyre already fitted on the ship from way back when capital rigs didnt exist.

To clarify, im wondering if Im now forced to destroy the large t2 rigs and get capital ones, if CCP no longer supports the old legacy fitting?

So the way some rigs work now, if they are fit, you cannot undock without unfitting. Like the warp core stabs. Cant undock with the old set up. Just like im sure the old drakes with 7 highs cant undock

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Thanks for replying, I just checked. I have no trouble undocking and redocking.

They will still work. I had a Nidhoggur with Large Rigs in a WH for years and it worked absolutely fine. Only if you destroy them, you cannot re-fit large rigs into the rigslots of that ship.


Gotcha, thanks!

You’re not forced to destroy them, no, but you won’t be able to re-fit L into an XL slot if they are destroyed, or on a new ship fitting.

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