Citadel Rigs, Missing?


I am still learning a lot, but I happened to recently fork out a couple of Billion to install a T2 Materials Reclamation Rig in my corps citadel. Which worked brilliant for a couple of days and now since the lifeblood expansion it is no longer fitted to the citadel (Astrahus), and is missing?

I was hoping that this may just be a situation where it has been removed, and not part of the LifeBlood expansion… I was unable to find any info about this happening.

Are we going to be reimbursed or was it just a waste of ISK and too bad to sad ?



Per the patch notes, certain rigs are now for the refinery citadels only, and they’ve been removed from the normal citadels and placed in your hangar. Look at your hangar(s).

The patchnotes state where they’ve been moved to. I believe they’ve been moved to Deliveries.

SO, they are thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yep, my Rifter refused to take off: too many modules fitted. I’m quite afraid to try my Vexors…

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