Refinement rate bug - station rigs not working

As prideful as it may seem, this is more of a notification to any dev’s (with an invite for public commentary) which may be surfing for bugs than it is a question. Because CCP is finally looking to address the rampant war spam in highsec (wars are fine, but … ohmahgawd it was out of control) I’m investigating coming back to EVE after being gone for a couple years. I’ve been looking through the updated mechanics, state of the market, and etc … and I’ve found that the Upwell station rigs don’t seem to be applying their bonus to ore/ice refinement rates in highsec (possibly elsewhere as well, but i’m just cruising around and checking things out).

I’ve checked the math twice, and made sure I didn’t make any typos, but the breakdown clearly shows there’s a bug:

Docked at an Athanor (2% role bonus to refining), my Alpha clone is capped at Level 3 Reprocessing (9% bonus), and I have the RX-804 reprocessing implant (4% bonus). Now, multiplying all that together against the base refinement rate of 50% generates a refinement rate of 57.8136% (50 ice generates 11,967 isotopes), and that’s exactly what I’m receiving in this Athanor even though my ship scanner shows it has the T2 refinement rig (3% bonus) which should bump the total rate up to 59.5480% (50 ice should generate 12,326 isotopes).

So … can we get a bug hunter dev on this? The last time I was here, the first batch of Citadels had a bug where rig bonuses wouldn’t get applied until somebody took control of the station for a moment at least once per day after downtime. It can’t be the same bug … can it? Does the bug mean I need to have a corporate office before the rig bonuses apply in any particular station right now? Is it a thing with alpha clones, and maybe that’s how it’s survived under the radar for so long?

Can I get some commentary from other players who are finding the same thing? Bug report submitted in tandem with a link to this thread so bug hunters can get additional input, if any.

its possible with you being an alpha clone, you can’t utilize the effects of the T2 rig

Good thought, but I undocked and double-checked the rig and it says it only needs Jury Rigging 1 and Mechanics 3 to fit to the station. There’s nothing in there suggesting Omega status, so … if that’s the case, then it’s a hidden requirement and/or still a weird bug.

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