Rigging, Time and ISK Investment. Is it worth it?

I took up exploration some months ago and I’ve got a bunch of parts here and there. I’ve been wondering if rigging would be a good ISK/Time investment. I suppose I could do some research later but for now I’m wondering if any of you who have produced rigs at a high-end level, feel that it’s worth the training?

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I too have found multiple rig blueprint will hacking through data or relic sites. They can sell for a pretty good deal of ISK, if you manufacture it, but on my opinion :

No, it’s not worth the train to be able to manufacture them. You could get at least the same amount of money if you simply sell the materials instead of stacking them up, and it’s quite a long train if you don’t already have some skill points in Industry. Try to sell the BPC on the contract market and get some pesos, still better than nothing.

Plus, finding those BPCs is not something happening everyday. It’s still a somewhat rare drop, so I wouldn’t spend too much time stopping my skill queue for that. Plus sometimes the rigs you get are… well useless. I’m talking about you, T2 Capital ECM Rig !

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T2 bpcs found from industry are completely not worth it.

They always are 0/0 which means, you need more resources than when you invent it.
The only thing they have for them, is they dont need time (besides the one you already used for farming) nor tax money.

I have some from exploration. never used them, the gain from crafting them is awfull.

That may be true for the tech 2 copies you find but making tech 1 rigs yourself can safe you lots of money in the long run.


AFAIK the exploration only drops T2 rigs bpc. And the useless one, like capital relic strength.

Oh yes as far as I can tell they do. Though with a very few bounty payouts of level 3 combat missions everyone can have those and even if you just collect the materials via exploration, at some point you will have enough of those to make your very own.

I only ever made the rigs of 2 of the tech 2 copies but I am using them myself. Wasn’t worth it and the capital one needs so many materials that it would take months to collect those.

actually, looting T1 rigs 0/0 bpcs may be worth more than looting T2. At least you can invent T1 bpcs.

Hey everyone thanks for the responses. Sorry that it took awhile for me to respond. My impression at the moment is that rigging is probably more of a convenience skill for people who are too far away from trade hubs to fit for themselves. I could be wrong however.

Some really, really rare times, I managed to get a Capital Missile Rig, or Armor one. Sometimes it’s in Small or Large size, but eh, still better than whoever would like to use an exploration Moros.

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The BPCs you get from exploration aren’t really worth it, unless they’re for implants or ancillary repair/booster modules.

If you’re based in a quieter hub (like Orvolle), you can locally manufacture rigs and sell them at a very nice markup.

Rigs can be extremely profitable if you make it your business and learn the market. An example I’ve used many times in the forums is the Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I which is currently selling for 25K ISK, build cost is 15K, profit is 10K - 40%. A new player interested in industry can start with small rigs and quickly build a profitable business. T2 rigs require more skill and more knowledge. I made a fortune selling drone mining augmentor 2 rigs after the Ascension patch a couple of years ago! The right product in the right place at the right time.

My program tells me they make <5k isk/h/line. with an all-5 character.

My program (https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=31716) calculates 57,347.63 ISK/hour/line assuming you build a reasonable quantity in a reasonable location. Once you submit the job, you’re free to mine, run missions, PI or whatever other activity you enjoy in Eve so it’s basically bonus income.

the price is bo/so.

However if you put orders at bo/so and do not update them, people will keep cutting them. So this value is not close to reality.

I personally look at what I can produce in 20 hours, the price at SO of the materials required for those 20H, the price of BO of the items produced minus 1%, I remove the taxes+ isk cost of jobs, make the difference, divide by the time . Actually I look at up to 1000 jobs to check if the isk/hour becomes better, while I consider that a time <20h is 20h (eg one run takes 20h)

Last time I noticed mobile large warp disruptor were worth the direct, I tried to sell some at long term and 2days after that people had cut me by 0.01. definitely not worth the effort/time.

A new player isn’t going to buy from aggregators in Jita - the volumes they need can be picked up in mission hubs for half the price and a frigate will hold a lot of salvage.

Likewise, they probably aren’t going to sell in Jita - Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I is selling for 100K in Hek.

In the smaller markets you don’t need to play the .01 game - pick a price in the top half of the cycle and let the market come to you - also works in Jita but takes longer. If I list near the top of the cycle, I’ll adjust my prices a couple of times a day to maximize profit but I never chase the price into the bottom half of the cycle.

These are things a new player needs to learn and small rigs are an excellent way to do it - the prints are cheap and quickly researched, an exploration frigate can haul both materials and finished goods and there is steady demand.


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