Returning and I think I had plex in citadel but

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Hi Im returning to EVE and Im pretty sure that before quiting I did purchase couple of plexes to ahve them on stand by when I come back to EVE and they were in one of those cotadels near jita I belive…

Yet when I logged in I dont have any plex curency nor enough money to get one since Im pretty sure I got at least 4 for all the accounts but none of the accounts have plex curency that would even be equal to 1 plex.

Did they fix the search for assets in citadels? I know that used to be buggy maybe it just wasnt found when they were transfering plexes to mini plex things

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There have been a lot of Citadels near Jita destroyed.

Have you checked your asset safety list just in case they’ve moved elsewhere?

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asset safety list? Ill have a look at that. Do I need to check each toon seperately?

its the safety tab in assets right?

(Rivr Luzade) #4

Yes and yes.

(Hunter Anubis) #5

neither of that was the case… those plexes were hidden in small secure container… so they didnt go thru the search function. If I didnt take suspicion on why that particular alt had so much money on him when he was a hauler mule I wouldnt have found it in all the trash that I have across EVE XD

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