Returned to EVE to find th ePLEX I had on market is just gone?

Like the title says I have just returned to EVE to find that I am somewhere around 8 to 10 billion ISK down because of the plex that I had on the market when I stopped playing this last time around 5 or 6 months ago. I see they changed to plex and now we need 500 to sub for a month but both of my accounts have 285 exactly. Strange that I have the exact same amount in each account.


No that is not strange. All Autumn was converted to plex. Most likely both accounts had the samw aurum balance probably from free Autumn give aways.

As for Plex was it in a station or citadel? If the latter it may have been moved to assets safety if tye citadel was removed while you were away. Are you sure they were personal orders and not corp ones? Corp orders move to delivery if the order expires.

Also, are you sure the orders didn’t sell?

PLEX that was on market at the time of the conversion may be either in your PLEX vault, station hangar, or asset safety depending on where you listed them from, so check your assets window. If you were using one of the citadels in Perimeter to list them, its very likely that citadel has been blown up in the past few months, and they are just sitting in asset safety waiting to be delivered to an NPC station.

I appreciate the responses but I have looked in those places as well to no avail. Looking at the account activity there is a client log in about 2 weeks after my last log in from some European country I have never heard of called Andorra on both accounts and I have submitted a ticket in the hope that CCP can tell me if there was any activity involving my Plex on that date. We shall see but I have the suspicion that I am just out of luck here.