Structure Rigs

Hello, I think that the rigs of the structures should be unfit, since they are extremely expensive, and sometimes it is necessary to change the use or position of the structure.
Thank you.

Maybe you could think of it BEFORE setting your structure on ?

Things can change from one day to the next, the same way a moon that produces better resources is released, or the market changes and you have to build another product, or you know, or you just move out of territory, and you have to move the structure .
It has been done with the T3 ships, and the rich are not so expensive.

Nope. Players would simply use this to uninstall expensive multi-billion ISK rigs before their wardec’d citadel goes pop…

And what is the problem with saving the resources that are available?

Because you would be taking zero risk. If you could uninstall modules and rigs before your structure goes pop, then you’ve risked nothing except the paltry cost of a Raitaru or Athanor.

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Within the structure, there are many more things of value than what the rigs can be worth, such as clones, or bpo, ships, modules, etc.
You could also afford it if you are not at war for example, or only allowed at refineries or engineering complexes. You could relax the subject a bit, I think

You know that if your not living in a WH you get all your bpos ships and modules back after a short wait right?

Really?. It does not remain as a lot for the winners?
And the clones with implants ?
If everything I think should be more flexible that issue.

Clones with implants are destoryed but with the amount of time it takes to destory a citadel I would think you would have a long amount of time to move them somewhere else, and on the matter of asset safety ( the way you get all your bpos ships and modules back) its a very debated topic and I wont start to dive into that topic, But i do think you should do research and see were you stand on the issue.

What about the poor rig manufacturers???

Structure rigs grant a very small bonus for a very large price. You need to decide whether it’s worth installing them at all. How much ore do you need to process to recover the cost of the rig if it gives you 1% improved yield?

This is good design - you need to choose. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!


A volume order of Yeti 1% reprocessing implants and T2 mining crystals can greatly make up for citadels that only feature T1 reprocessing upgrades.

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