Demounting Rigs

Everyone knows that demounting TII and even some TI rigs are very costly.

I suggest a Demount Coupon bundle be available in the Plex Store for $4.95 for a bundle of 5 Demounts that would allow the Capsuleer to demount a rig without losing the rig.

The rig couldn’t be repacked though. It could traded.

Demount Coupons could not be traded or sold on the market either.

Rigs are so cheap what would be the point?

You could spend the $5, buy PLEX, sell that on the market, and get more ISK to buy replacement Rigs, AND have a ton leftover.


Don`t thing that is good idea to add some items that could not be traded or sold on the market, couse it is not normal for EVE, and i don’t think that cheap rigs are cost so

This probably targets structure rigs, not ship rigs. Maybe T2 capital rigs too, but considering dryson’s history he probably wants to derig his highsec citadels.

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Are you serious? You think we should pay cash for the ability to remove rigs non-destructively? That doesn’t sound like some anti-consumer monetization BS to you? Do you secretly work for Pearl Abyss?

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yeah, that’s fair, he would be a cowardly sack of ■■■■ like that. makes 100% sense. willing to pay money and beg to CCP to try and save his precious sandcastles and refuses to take responsibility to actually defend them.

If you want the ability to remove rigs without destroying them - fly strategic cruisers. Otherwise accept that rigs are consumable - the ability to remove and reuse them would wreck the salvage market!


And almost everyone knows that this is by design. It’s an intentional sink in the economy.



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