Rigs problem help please

(Zabruk Zateki) #1

Okay I went to the trouble of making my own small salvager 1 rig and when I had made it I could not fit to my Venturer all I keep getting back is a message saying along the lines of “fitting this rig will destroy it”…

No reason given no advice on what to do…
Nothing only this inaducate message no idication as wheather it is a size issue or power issue or whatever…

Completely emptying/stripping all mods and starting from scratch on an empty ship results in the same message. Even if fitting the rig first before anything else…

I have all the tech/skills to use it and even had no problem using a blueprint to make a few…

(Sara Starbuck) #2

When you install rig there is always some warning about it being permanent and destroying possible rig under it. You cannot remove rigs after you install them, only destroy (well unless using tech3 cruiser). That said , why salvage rig on venture.

(Do Little) #3

The warning is (or should be) that removing the rig will destroy it. Rigs are not reusable except - as pointed out - for T3 cruisers

(Fuyune Shirio) #4

I’d suggest an other ship for salvaging purposes, destroyers are quite suited for the job. Non the less it seems your issue is just, as previously mentioned, that you’re just being informed that installing this rig is permanent and you can’t unfit it without destroying the rig.

As for salvaging, get a destroyer and fit the high slots with salvagers that’ll make it faster to salvage sites.

(Zabruk Zateki) #5

Thanks for the advice perhaps the admin then should rephrase the message … As for putting one on a Venturer I just wanted to see the impact of installing one and making my salvaging a little better and perhaps more successful when I have blood rats destroyed by my drones…

(Memphis Baas) #6

Are you going to be able to “observe” a 5% difference in performance when you’re salvaging different kinds of wrecks randomly? Probably not.

Rigs, overheating, training an extra level of a skill for an additional 5%, etc., you typically only notice the effects when you couldn’t even salvage a boss rat wreck before, and now you suddenly can, just barely.

(Keno Skir) #7

It’s pretty clearly understandable to be honest. It explains that the rig, once installed must be destroyed to remove it. It gives you a button to confirm you have read the message and are happy to continue. I don’t understand what the issue is?

(Zabruk Zateki) #8

I was hestitent as the wording of message wasn’t clear enough and gave me the impression that either the rig or the rigslot would have to be destroyed thats why I asked here, and why before I chose to cancel at that point…

I have since installed it accepting the message as the kind people above have explained the meaning more accuratly…

Also it maybe only 5% but from what I have seen today my successful salvages have upped from about 60% of the time to around 90% …

Still am appreciative of the comments above …

(Memphis Baas) #9

Congrats, you’ve just observed one of the peculiarities of EVE. Skills and modules give you 5% here and there, and normally 5% is an insignificant amount, EXCEPT when the 5% gets you over some hidden threshold.

One other example of this is with the core fitting skills, CPU Management and Power Grid Management. There are cases as a newbie where you’re trying to install the 3 guns that your frigate has slots for, but your lack of PGM means they don’t fit within the ship’s power supply, so you have to go into combat with 2 guns. Until you train the 5% that finally lets you install the third gun, for the 50% boost in DPS that comes from the extra gun.

This is why some of the implants and boosters (drugs) that only give 2% are so expensive, millions of ISK. Because some of the cutting edge PVP fittings require the last 2% that come from those implants, on top of having maxed skills and officer-grade modules and weapons.

(Kathern Aurilen) #10

I love my salvage destroyer. If I run a big site ore mission I drop a MTU and pull everything to one place. The destroyer is perfect for that.

[Catalyst, Unnamed loadout]
[empty low slot]
[empty low slot]
[empty low slot]

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
[empty med slot]

Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Antimatter Charge S
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Antimatter Charge S

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle II

If it’s just a spread out field or ninja salvage, I take in a speedy frig with overdrive and cargo extenders, 2 salvagers an a blaster

(Tyrrell Caitiff) #11

As an alpha. that’s great. For a young omega I recommend to have a close look at salvaging drones. They don’t work in a Catalyst though (no drone bay).

(Kathern Aurilen) #12

The algoos works good for salvage drones. Plenty of bandwidth and bay.

But in saying that drones have about half the salvaging “power” as a t1 salvage laser.

[quote from old forums]
Can Salvage Drones salvage T2 ship wreaks? or faction spawns in null belts?

I only see the “accessdifficultybonus” attribute in EFT:
“Probability of successful salvage retrieval per module cycle measured in percents.”

w/ Salvaging V and Salvage Drone Operation V:

Salvage Drone I = 13%
Salvager I = 25%
Salvager II = 35%

Salvage Tackle rigs have no impact on the Salvage Drones?!
Are there ways to make Salvage Drones salvage better? Any implants or rigs?

(system) #13

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