Rig removal and repair skills

Rig Removal Skill and Rig Removal Specialization Skill

The ability to successfully remove a rig from a ship with out destroying or damaging the rig.
Max times one rig can be removed before its destruction. 3 times if successful
Rate of a successful removal is extremely low.
rate of a damaged rig low to medium, but chances is still a very low success

Successful removal
usable up to 3 times if removed successfully each time

still useable but lowered attributes, can be repaired but specialized skill and item needed Has to be repaired in station.).

either usable salvage, or destroyed salvage that can be reprocessed into very little minerals

Rig Repair skill

Level 5 Rig Removal Specialization skill needed

The ability to repair damaged Rigs
Each level increases the chance of a successful rig repair
Has a chance to either repair Damaged removed rig or destroy it during the repair process.
Items needed to repair
(depends on rig type T1 or T2 for items to repair it along with a special item as well)
example - T1 rig, a few items from the list to build it as well as the needed special item.

Salvage is only just worth bothering with since citadels bumped the prices, this would crash that to some degree.

Rigging is the equivalent of all the crazy wiring and tweaks in the Millenium Falcon. Taking that out and going back to just another Correlian freighter is the equivalent of this skill.


Takes away what makes rigs what they are. If you can take them out and re-use them they become mods essentially.

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Do bear in mind that T3C can remove rigs without penalty.


Novel idea but I would say no.

If you could remove a rig, you would just have a mess of wires and circuits anyway. Possibly some of the components used to build the rig, similar to reprocessing. But I would still vote no to this.

I don’t think this is necessary.
However, I could agree to the ability to reprocess whatever is left after ripping out a rig, maybe yielding a few parts of the salvage and/or some minerals. Removing a rig could leave you with items similar to scrap metal.

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the only thing i could agree on is tht it would be nice to get a % of salvage back
maybe if you take out a T1 rigs its lost … take out a T2 rig you get T1 salvage could be ok too

maybe … not sure …


good for you bad for anyone who makes a living on salvaging


And certainly bad for the ship you are ripping it out of, imagine trying to repair that mess afterwards.

well i mean we already do that

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