Salvaging as a viable activity

Has anyone else noticed that salvaging has become an inconsistent activity?

I used to be able to make pretty good money selling my salvage. However, now the return on the time invested has become a waste of time.

I have an omega alt with maxed Salvage and Ore Industrial skills (both at 5) running a Noctis with Tech II salvagers and Tech II salvage rigs and I CONSISTENTLY recover more salvage from my alpha alt with Salvage skill at 1 running Tech I salvagers on a Cormorant.

There’s definitely something wrong with the way the game determine how much salvage you receive. It never used to be that way. My omega character used to get quite a bit of salvage even from level 1 mission wrecks. That is why I trained my skills to 5 initially. Not sure what happened but it really doesn’t make sense that the skills no longer seem to affect the success of salvaging attempts.

There’s no difference to salvager 1 or 2, other than 2 can salvage higher grade, where 1 and drones can’t salvage some. Outcome is the same no matter what salvager you use.
The RNG on salvage is stupid weird I’ll give you that, but it’s not so bad, for me at least.

the differences between Salvager I and Salvager II, is not how much more you get, its the quicker time to get it. With a Salvager I, the module may be active say 6 rotations before it picks up the loot into the ship Where as with Salvager II, may be 1 or 2 rotations.

Only difference between the two is the speed at which you salvage stuff, meaning the total salvaged wrecks per minute, so this has a small influence on your income.
Using salvage rigs means you already have a nearly maximum salvage rate.

Amount of salvage is generated when ship is destroyed. Same way as loot. Tools used to salvage wreck don’t change what and how much salvage you get.