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I have a question that couldn’t be answered in the Help chat.

I have Salvaging skill trained to 3. The skill says “100% increase in chance of salvage retrieval per level”.
I am using Salvage Drones. Does the 100% retrieval chance apply if I only use my drones or -
no need to train Salvaging skill further?


The salvaging skill is for salvager mod only iirc

Training the drones should do that as well for them.

Thank you!

read through this and see the difference between salvager mod and drones

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To clarify:

Whenever you’re salvaging you always have ‘100% retrieval chance’. No matter your skills, you would always salvage the same (random) items from a wreck.

The only thing you don’t know when salvaging is whether you can get those items the first cycle, or have to cycle a few more times. The thing your salvage skills affects is your chance at a successful salvage cycle. The thing the Salvaging and in case of salvage drones Salvage Drone Operation / Specialization will boost is your chance of retrieval.

Salvage drones are pretty bad with their chance of retrieval. Their base salvage chance is 3%, so that’s going to take a lot of cycles between the 5 of them to successfully salvage a common wreck.

Against tougher wrecks they may even have a negative salvage chance, which means they can cycle forever and never manage to salvage it.


“Professional” : 5 T2 salvage drones, Salvage Drone Operation V and Salvage Drone Specialization V. This gives a +24% salvaging chance


As a new player coming from other games, to me when I hear the words “Retrieval Chance” I think of the % chance that an item will drop as loot, in this case if the wreck will drop any salvage or my odds are improved for it to drop any salvage (less scrap and more modules), more quantity of salvage, or even better salvage and rare salvage drops, but in reality its number of cycles you might need to run, combined with if you even have the skill level to even be able to loot a specific size/rarity wreck at all.

I have tried to find a EvEThotBot or EvEheadstyle website where I can put an item (be it salvage, modules, ect.) and get a list of where the item drops, off what boss, whats the percentage drop rate for an item to drop, ect.

Perhaps the nomenclature should be called “Chance for cycle success” if it’s a time sink/hull size/hull rarity check, and not a drop “chance”.

Thanks for explaining it like you did.


Regardless of 1 cycle 2 cycles 4 cycles etc, the loot in shipwrecks DO NOT CHANGE. So therefore the skill just speeds up the time you get the same loot as someone with no skills

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It took me a while to grasp that even after reading EvE uni, only the forum post from Gerard Amatin explained it simply. Perhaps its just the bias from the ways other MMOs deal with “loot” and with “loot drop rate chance percentage”. Sometimes you get nice shiny valuable rare salvage, and sometimes its just scrap. I thought it was interacting with that metric when it’s just “time sink”. And one of the charts from EvE Uni has the terminology “Chance” and “cycle time”. I guess I just don’t automatically associate “chance” with time sink.

Maybe the word “Salvaging Timesink Speed” would be better and differentiate from “Salvager Cycle speed”. Don’t get me wrong I love the complexity of the game, it’s just tough to adapt to and takes a lot of questions and a lot of reading. I spent over 4 and a half hours failing to understand the difference between a Asymmetric Remote Repairer, and a regular Remote Repairer, studying the differences between the Attributes, Fitting, Requirment tabs, not realizing the front page Description tab talked about cap boosters, which then took me 2 hours to understand why you load the smallest sized cap booster into a remote Asymmetric Repairer, and the largest sized cap booster into a personal booster. And I never even needed to use it to repair my Faction drones. :turtle:

In case you dont know, if you have an active citadel in your system, you can park outside of it, and your ship and drones can be repaired. I dont think that is true however if you dont have docking access, and i know its not true if it has no core.

my understanding was Salvaging skill does not increase chance or speed of salvage drones?
edit: and btw “100% increase” of 1% chance ends up being 2%, not 101%
sry for the necro, i blame the thread recommendations

No salvaging skill does nothing for drones

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