Salvage drones improvement

I have been working on salvaging for quite some time now.
I am using a Noctis fully set and rigged for salvaging and I can clean a lvl4 mission site pretty fast.
But I wanted to see if I could up my game and make it even faster.
So I bought a couple of salvaging drones to see if that could hasten the process.

This is the description of the drones:

Once launched and given the order to salvage, this drone will automatically seek out your wrecks in the vicinity

This is definitely not true. Once I launch them the drones sit idle by my ship waiting for me to target a wreck and order them to salvage it.
Further more I was surprised to see that after salvaging one wreck they stop and I have to order them to salvage the next one manually.
Even when I have 2-3 wreck less than 1km away.

So one of these 3 things has to happen:

  • Someone tells me what I am doing wrong with the drones so I can have them auto-salvage continuously
  • Change the description so that it is not misleading and leave the Salvaging drones take dust because right now they are useless (at least for any serious salvaging).
  • Fix the drones so that they auto-salvage everything as soon as they get out and some wreck comes into their range (meaning that if they have no wreck they can salvage they stay idle, but if I tractor beam a salvage into their range they will jump on it).

Launch your drones, right click them in the drone control window and hit salvage. All before locking any targets.

They will auto salvage up to your drone control range.

If you have a target locked and you do this, they will only salvage your target.

Enjoy. :+1:


You can also set drones on individual targets that are a distance away then unlock the target and work on tractoring/salvaging the nearer wrecks

Or you can drop a jetcan with 1 item in it, haul all your wrecks in and salvage whilst orbiting, then when you set the drones autosalvaging there’s a good chance they’ll work on different wrecks. They target the nearest one to your ship as each salvage drone becomes available for it’s next cycle.

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It’s a weird way to do things.
I would have expected the drones to just go on salvaging no matter what I have targeted or not.


You can have active (shooting at you) targets only, drop the salvage drones, hit salvage, and they will begin to salvage in a closest to farthest wreck order if your active target is within drone control range. Another way to do this if all your current targets are out of drone control range (the drones will then ignore your orders if all target slots are occupied by targets outside your drone control range) is to target your MTU (or other object like a jet can) and hit salvage and the drones will start their normal closest/farthest salvage program.

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It is.
The only reason I have ever needed to "force target " for salvage drones is when I am salvaging another players (yellow ) wrecks.

As a side note, just to be clear, after you set your drones to auto salvage, you are free to target what ever you want.


Thanks a lot for the clarification

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I want T2 salvage drones :anguished:


I usually have a salvage drone out alongside four combat drones in missions, because I like playing the game wrong.

The problem I’ve found is that when a drone is salvaging a wreck that an MTU is pulling, if the wreck is pulled out of the drone’s range it will continue to orbit it but its salvager will be turned off and you have to give it new orders. So I hope they address that eventually too.

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No we need Augmented Salvage Drones!


Ooh, never thought of that! I want more options as a scrap metal dealer.

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Of course, if you have a lot of wrecks and want to salvage quickly it makes sense use each salvage drone on a different target wreck so you get parallel salvaging. The “auto” salvage sends all drones to each wreck one at a time (fine for walking away after you have defeated all the pirates).

Ok so I have 5 salvage drones out to salvage a number of wreaks, they all salvage the sameone as a group and then move one and do the samething, how do i get them to do I wreak a piece on auto salvage?

To get one drone per wreck you have to target each wreck then assign one drone. You cannot do that with auto - salvage.

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Remember Eve is not a complete space sandbox game, it’s mechanics are very sadistic and meant to put you in situations where you are either on the defence or hunting other players; hence the lack of true mechanics like the one you hoped for.

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