Salvage drones automatically salvage diffrent wrecks

Today the go for the same shipwreck.
Maybe you can toggle between “focus” and non focus button.

Manually send them to one on each.

Salvage Drones aren’t really that good and often just a waste. But with the incoming T2 Salvage Drones, who knows?

The way Drones will salvage is basically just auto-selecting the closest wreck to your ship. So one trick you can use is to use an MTU to draw in all the wrecks to a single spot, and then just orbit the MTU at 500 meters. As your ship slowly orbits the mass of wrecks, whichever is “closest” to you will change, and your drones will naturally spread out to multiple wrecks as they complete their salvage cycles successfully at different times.

But seriously, if you’re looking to salvage heavy duty, MTU + 8 Salvager Noctis is the way to go without bothering with drones. You’ll salvage things so much faster than the drones will be able to complete their cycles.

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