Salvage Drones and Salvaging Implants -Bug or Not

I salvage exclusively using drones. It’s just much easier than chasing down wrecks.

I have Salvage Drone Operation skill trained to level 3 so far:

Skill at controlling salvage drones. 2% increased salvage chance per level.

I have the Poteque Salvaging Implant SV-905:

A neural Interface upgrade that boosts the pilots exploration skills.
5% increase in chance of salvage retrieval.

From what I see the Implant does not appear to affect Salvaging Drones:

Is this a bug or as it’s intended to be? Using a Salvage Drone should be no different than using a Salvage module IMO.

Implants do not impact drones.

There is a mobile tractor unit that will pull all wrecks together so you can salvage them all

OK, thanks.

That’s too bad as I was hoping for a higher salvage success rate with the implant.

It should be noted in the Implant description text. Feels like a wasted purchase now. :frowning_face:

I believe salvage tackle rig likewise only affects salvager modules


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