T2 Salvage Drone skill didnt work - it does now! (edit)

The “Salvage Drone Specialization” skill has no effect at all!

The “Access Difficulty Bonus” doesnt move at all when training the skill.

the t1 skill moves it from the raw t1 drone value of 3 up to 13 and using a t2 drone i get 14 (base drone value 4 - compared to 3 withe the t1 drone) - but training the skill doesnt do anything !!!

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Does any CCP staff check thies “Issues”-forum at times?

Is this issue known, worked on, cared about?

Am I at the wrong place?

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I don’t think this is the wrong place, but you could send a bug report ingame as well if you want to draw more attention to this issue.

I personally didn’t notice the bug yet, as I thought the Dunk salvage drones seem to be better than T2, even after a heavy investment of level 5 salvage drone specialisation. So I didn’t train the skill. :yum:

(This last one seems a flaw in the design of the new salvage drones to me; for other drones the T2 and faction variant are sidegrades allowing choice for more survivability or more damage, in the case of salvage drones case T2 is inferior in all but cheaper cost: survivability is similar, and depending on skills they’re much to a little slower and have a much to a little lower salvage bonus.)

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Thanx to CCP,
the issue got resolved - the “acces difficulty bonus” now moves with the level of the “salvage drone specialization” skill.

Its a bit sad that i didnt get any feedback from CCP at all during this process (not in this thread and not regarding the bug report that I send to them after some waiting).
CCP, your management of customer relations definatly has some room to improve…

But hey, you did a good job in fixing this one!
Fellow capsuleers, the t2 salvage drones are now worth using. :partying_face:

Great to hear this bug is fixed!

Are they any better than Dunk’s drones?

They are better (by a lot), cheaper (by a lot), more durable (slightly) and slower (slightly).
With maxed skills access difficulty bonus for the different drones goes like:
t1 : 13
Dunk : 14,5
t2 : 24

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