Alpha Skill Set - Noctis

I suggest releasing Alphas access to the " Noctis " salvage dedicated cruiser.

It could help revitalize the market of this ship.

No needy to be Omega exclusive.

Why? Just use a destroyer like everyone else. It’s faster. Alphas can’t even use salvage drones anyway…

Even better, the salvaging-bonused T1 frigates like the Imicus and the Heron. I actually prefer them to the Noctis because they still have space for an MTU and they can move around the field independently a lot faster than a Noctis, not to mention they aren’t obvious gank targets. Additionally, alpha’s have access to them, so they’re not missing out on the salvaging market at all.

Turin, the Noctis market is fine. If you want one, subscribe. Pretty simple.

Also, please stop making multiple stupid threads that are basically the same topic. Make ONE thread asking for access to both skill sets.


Lots of noctis hulls sell in null. Not sure about hisec markets. Last time i was in hisec was to buy some skill books, and to pick up some ships I had moved to Jita from a previous campaign. I didn’t bother to check the market.

And yes, use a dessie, it’s much cheaper to replace if you lose it in the process.

noctis is a specialist ship, i think yes you should use a destroyer; if you want noctis pay omega.

People used destroyers still use destroyers and so will you until you sub

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