Higgs Rig and normal movement

yes like the older more experienced player says, let us help you.

The Higgs rig merely reduces your speed to a crawl, which is an actually very desireable result on a mining ship. You can stay aligned to your safe point (POS, structure, safe spot, station) at all times at warp speed (75% max speed) while not getting out of range of your roid quickly.

Furthermore: You can use the ingame fitting simulation in the Fitting Window to test things like what you asked about here. The simulation shows you all relevant stats of a fitting without you having to actually fit a ship.

I forgot to mention that you can manually set your speed, so if “slow to a crawl” is what you want, then manually set your speed to just that. Don’t need a Higgs anchor to do that.

that’s useless.

the goal of higgs is to be aligned, so as to warp as soon as someone enters local, and avoid being put 150km from the roid doing so.

if you set your speed to 0% you are effectiveley not aligned.

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Actually I don’t think that’s my intent. I think what keeps happening is I have this general concept of where something might lead based on my limited understanding of a game mechanic.

Rather than say “I want to do exactly this” I end up just creating a generalized question and in some cases it goes a complete other direction from my original thought. Which is cool.

As the general becomes more defined I dont mind sharing the fit idea. I just dont knowwhat the fit idea is half the time until some discussion fills out the missing parts of the game mechanism for me.

I also noticed the stopping is a time consuming process. And in sites you want yo move 20km+ to each can.

So this fit is kind of garbage for anything but a cargo ship or the Higgs intended purpose.

Also if you cant get below 1s alignment time it’s all moot.

Based on something else you quoted on survival while jumping. You have to get less than 2s or less than 1s because it rounds up.

So if you can get less than 2s without Higgs then no reason to bother with it.

2s align and higgs are useful in different cases

  • 2s align reduces the possibility to get caught when warping off a gate.
  • being aligned allows you to warp instant the moment you are scared.

higgs allow you to be aligned for longer before being out of roid range.
inertial stabs/nanofiber in the low, and nozzle/polycarbon in the rigs, allow you to have a lower align time.

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Indeed. And originally i thought stopping and being instantly aligned with zero movement hence a boost to warp by having lower max speed would be achievable. But the stopping is the hard part.

the stopping is useless.

And you can’t be instant aligned with 0 movement. Aligned means at least 75% speed.

Stopping takes half the time to accelerate at most. at max speed it takes circa half align speed.

Those circumvented ideas of yours are wrong. You want to do theoretical things that actually make no sense.
Get your self a REAL goal and try to reach it, or you are just wasting your time not finding solutions to problems you created in the first place.

I’m OK with that. Until threads like these unpack in-game-mechanics for me to know more, I can’t foresee what will be a dead-end and what won’t.

Threads like these help unpack and answer those.

Everything will be a dead-end. Because it’s just not real, until you make it real.

I think as a noob I hope for a lot of “variant builds” like you get in other games, but Eve doesn’t really seem to be one of those types of games.

it’s more like a chess game where each piece has a function and it should not deviate. Any deviation is just a waste of time.

This is unfortunate, but it makes sense that the variety of game play is how you use each piece, not how each piece is configured.

Until you are no more a noob.

Then you will understand the mechanism enough to be able to play with them.

But until then, you must confront yourself to reality, not make plans on a dream.

@Alistair_Atreides don’t bother replying directly to her. She always has to have the last word (just watch her reply to this).

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I’m kind of the same haha.


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There are uses for higgs. The fact that it pretty much stops you from moving after landing from warp (great for grid dancing with 'nadoes). stay aligned at 50% max velocity while mining rocks…

It is niche rig but has its uses.