Boson Anchor Question

I understand how the thing works as written. My question is, will it prevent a large and ungainly ship from being bumped away at ludicrous speed bordering on going plaid? TIA

I assume you’re talking about the Higgs Anchor rigs?

The boson in EVE is a titan superweapon.

The higgs anchor will not entirely prevent your ship from getting bumped, but it does add a lot of mass. This extra mass means your ship will get bumped less hard and go less fast when it’s bumped. I doubt this will help you much against bumps though, getting bumped out of range of an object or away from your align vector can still happen.

The reduced top speed of the rig has no impact on how hard your ship can go when bumped, in case you were wondering. It just limits how fast the ship can go when using it’s own engine, but bumping ignores that.


Is it also used to get ships into warp fast because of the reduced speed

Speed has no impact on align time.

What higgs allow, is to be aligned in a direction longer before needing to change the direction.

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