Mod to stop bumping for a orca

we need to alow the orca the use of the baston mod to stop the harassment of bumpers. they are unseeing a throw away sp account to stop a high sp one in high sec were you cant just shoot the harasser out of the space


Gehad, CODE will cry your post into the ground because such a mechanic would mean that they would have to do other things than gank.

The only alternative is to join their alliance which doesn’t keep you from getting ganked by CODE if they want too.

Simply find a route that isn’t a choke point or join others in the cause against CODE.

well the dang ship is big enought to beable to support the mod

Higgs anchor (rig) :stuck_out_tongue: use it, also keep a mwd on, will make it very difficult to be bumped.


Don’t be AFK and pay attention and you won’t get bumped. It’s that simple. Having said that, there are a few things you can do to mitigate this. Having a bastion module installed doesn’t keep you from being bumped. I’ve personally tested this out in a Golem in bastion mode. Fit an MWD, cloak, and Higgs rig. The Higgs will increase your mass. It won’t make you harder to bump, it will just decrease the speed at which you go flying once you get hit. Orbit the asteroid you’re mining, or at least drop a deployable of some sort and orbit it. A moving target is much harder to bump than a stationary one. If you do get bumped, use the cloak as it will greatly slow your speed once engaged.

This is coming from someone who bumps Orcas, freighters, and miners in general every single day. I don’t have a problem so much with miners, but bots and multi-input broadcasters that use Orcas and other mining ships. If I see you just sitting there in an Orca, Skiff, or whatever, I will play space pinball with you…

who said being AFK i am at my screen the whole time when this happens so don’t use that excuse when some one in a 5 mil or less ship that can move a sky scraper of a ship is bull it is screwed up when i have to spend a extra 20-30 mil extra to give me some simblence to mid agate this harassment is redaculas

the ones i am also talking about staber and such
these bumpers are trying to extort isk to stop but if you pay who said they will stop? witch i will not


Most bumpers use Machariels, and a properly fit bump Machariel costs hundreds of millions of ISK. So, again, pay attention, orbit, and most of the time you won’t get bumped. Sorry, but bumping is a necessary evil as it’s pretty much the only way to combat high-sec bots that use massively tanked Orcas. When given the choice between trying to gather up 100 players to bring down a mining bot fleet, or bumping them out of the belts, I’m going to go with bumping. Same result, much easier, and zero cost.

I personally patrol two ice anoms every single day. I know who the regulars are and they know if they see me in the system to orbit, say hi in local, something to keep from getting bumped. At least that way I know they are at the keyboard. I know which ones aren’t botting. It’s the idiots that I bump that take 20 minutes to even notice that I’ve bumped them 100km out of the anom that piss me off.

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i just get too ticked i have stoped saying any thing because of the harasment so i rather not say some thing or saying some thing that will get me banned then to egg the guy on

Come now, after the last uber-buff to Orcas, bumping is pretty much all they are vulnerable to in highsec.

Either fit your Orca to be bump resistant as QuakeGod suggests, or fly something else a little more mobile to do your mining and/or boosting. That, or concede the resource and move somewhere else.

You are correct.

A Mach has 94,680,000 kg of mass without any modules.

The Orca has 150,000,000 kg of mass without any modules.

If physics was applied to the game correctly then Suicide Ganking / Bumping would not work very well that would then force the Ganker to spend ISK and real money to war dec the orca pilot.

We can’t be troubled to make the Ganker spend anything in their pursuit now can we?

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Let’s try another approach: What we need is corvettes and frigates dedicated to “bumping”…



Unless you provide any evidence that there is a significant amount of people bumping a significant amount of people, you have no ground to speak on.

Good luck finding more than a handfull.

Solstice Projekt3m

your comment is like the Jedi mind trick these are not the droids you are looking for when this happens it happens show me that is is not so give a better answer you just placed

this is a form of greafing / harassment allowed by CCP alowed in high sec

in low sec you can fight them but in high you can’t pop there fool behinds. it is a exploit in the game macanicis

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Wouldn’t it be much easier if you just get a mining permit? They are only 10mil ISK and CCP has to implement nothing.


I agree. Bumpers are being harassed altogether far too much…

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what do you mean, if it is like give me such and such it is extortion or is it some thing elce if it is my example then what is to stop the person or group from demanding more in the futre?

Have some faith man.

What has been seen cannot simply be unseen. Can you explain your statement further please. I know of not one pilot who throws away SP. Unless you meant SP toward Corp management then i can agree. There are plenty who threw away SP training that skill.

Edit: Almost forgot about all the SP I threw away at training learning skills to learn other skills. But since CCP gave that SP back i guess it wasn’t a total loss. Just time.

got to love trolls

Another tactic you can use is drop a Mobile Micro Jump Unit right next to you. It can be activated from up to 5,000m away from your ship, so you can orbit it at 2,500. It can be used by any ship within range of it up to and including a freighter. Just click on “activate jump drive” and it will warp you 100km away after 12 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you get bumped out of range of it after you activate it, it will still warp you 100km away. Only costs 3.7 million ISK, takes up 50 m3 of cargo, and lasts for 2 days.

An even better tactic is to not orbit it, but stay right next to it, aligned to your station of choice, then when you see a ganker or bumper enter the field, immediately use it, then after you’ve jumped the 100km, warp to station.

Of course, the gankers will probably destroy it after you use it, and they will only incur a suspect flag for doing so, but at least you potentially got away from being bumped for hours on end. All of this, however, depends on you paying attention and not AFK…