Travel Interceptor question

I’ve been researching travel ceptos and the quickest one I’ve seen is the Ares with Spaceship Command V and 2 Small Low Frictoin Nozzle Joints I rigs at 1.67 seconds.

Are those T2 Rigs that they are getting this time with? If not what would T2 rigs change the time to?

I haven’t seen anything on the Higgs Anchor. What I was wondering is if you put a Higgs Anchor rig in would that get you under the one second threshold for warping.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the info guys. Guess it just boils down to the insta lockers human reaction time. If they have their overview set to only show hostiles and spam clicking where he will show up, your going to have a bad day :frowning:

That is with T2 rigs. You can figure that out easily ingame with the ingame Fitting Simulation.

Below 2 seconds is already instawarp, only people living super close to the servers (london) can catch those and they need to be super quick. I don’t think it’s possible for a ceptor to be under 1 second warp because then it would be impossible to catch, but ik the dramiel with 3 shadow serpentis inertia stabs, 3 t2 low friction rigs and a full set of mid grade nomads + a 6% agility implant and max skills can get under a 1 second align time.


Also higgs anchor actually increases your time to warp

Once you get under 2 seconds, anything more is overkill.
Use slots for max tank after that to avoid smart bomb gatecamps


they can’t even do it. 1 second you begin aligning. on that tick they can begin lock. next second you are in warp and they are just finishing lock. it takes 3 seconds (three ticks) to initiate tackle

I’ve found a graph in Uniwiki that explains how this works:

Basically, it’s theoretically possible for an instalock ship to stop you, but the pilot would have to do 4 things in less than a second:

  1. Receive notfication from the server that you have decloaked,
  2. Spot you on grid (so his reaction time comes into play)
  3. Move his mouse to your ship and issue the “lock target” command
  4. Complete lock-on.
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can not be completed in the same second. as it will always take at least one second to lock. if you are quick you can actually notice this. your time to lock will hit 0.0 but there will be a small delay anyplace from 999 - 1 millisecond before you actually achieve lock

From the graph it seems like you can if the ship appears on your screen and the lock can be completed between two ticks.

nothing can be completed between ticks that’s how eve works. everything is always rounded up to the next second it’s why a 1.1 align time is not better than a 1.9 when it comes to warp. best guess is the person who wrote that guide was misinformed. Its not uncommon with the eve wiki to miss small things that are hard or time consuming to test like this. for years they had it that ECM always had a chance to fail as the writer of the page got ECM confused with scanning (scanning had been given a cap) this was just assumed as true and stayed there sat on the wiki until some poor nameless bloke recorded himself attempting to jam an ibis for 3hrs without failure.

a lot of time what can happen is the server gets “confused” and a two second cepter doesn’t actually reach 75% in those two seconds. that would be my best guess as to how this started. either that or something changed with how ticks work and i missed it


I think the gist wasn’t that the process is actually completed, but that when the tick 1 goes off the system recognizes the inty as being locked. Once the locker is notified, he can fire off the disruptor, and the order gets sent to the server.

Once at tick 2, the server checks the speed of the inty to see if it can warp, and if it’s distrupted. The inty is at 75% speed, but is also disrupted, so it can’t warp.

So basically nothing happens between ticks, but in order for something to happen at the end of a tick you must have sent the commang before that tick went off.

that’s what i’m saying its my understanding that the server rounds everything to the tick. otherwise it could just as easily check if the cepter would have been at 75% between the tick.

Well, that’s how the graph shows it to work. I’m not sure is correct, but is coherent with the server checking once a second.

if it was the case anyone with a ping of less than 400(even ausies with modern internet should be getting well under that around 100-250) would catch the ceptors every time. you don’t need to factor human reaction time when you are just spamming control click in the overview so i’m skeptical.

Well, the ceptor needs to appear on your screen first, so you need to account for double latency. Then you need to notice something appeared (there is the reaction time) and then you need to lock it.

But if this isn’t the way it works that’s a load off my mind.

no… you already know something is there when gate flash and local +1 so you begin spam locking before they even enter. Pin is the time it takes for a round trip so i already accounted for that. with 400ping its 800ms for the double trip.

It is 100% possible to catch a sub 2s interceptor if your ship’s sensor strength is high enough, you live close to the servers and you have a really fast reaction time. But for all conventional purposes, you don’t need under 1s unless you’re carrying plex or t2 bpos

Plex doesn’t matter because it has it’s own wallet. But skill extractors/injectors and addituon character training certificates rate along with T2 bpo’s.

So always have a lead toon is what it boils down to. If someone is on the other side don’t jump with the carry toon. Cloak and wait untill the other side is clear :slight_smile:

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I definitely agree that you can be caught in a <2s inty.

For one to actually be locked under 2 seconds you would have to have the cursor already near where the ship will show up on the overview. When it shows up you ctrl click and use whatever hotkey to pre-activate your tackle within 1 second on the 2nd second the server will check his 75% speed to warp as well as check your lock and activate your tackle. This is possible but the slightest lag or delay on clicks/key presses will miss them. The same also goes for the warpee…if they get some render lag and the packets don’t hit the server within the first second of decloak their command to warp is not checked server side until the end of the second for which the command actually made it to the server…ask me how I know…