Be ware of the perfect locker in Niarja camp

Here’s the proof. They can catch 2-sec warpers.

Plus I really had some bad bad feeling after purchasing those BPOs (like having cardiopalmus). And just before jumping I emptied my cargo and jumped twice and they didn’t catch me. The third time they caught me with my cargos. Can some mysticms here please explain whether there was inevitability in my loss?

Bad karma. You’re on a antagonistic synchronous path.

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Instalockers are nothing new. Why anyone would route through niarja right now is beyond me. You’re better off using a fast interceptor and going the long way. You warp so fast it still wouldn’t take that long.

Or JF it.

I would literally fly through null before trying to haul something through Niarja these days.


2 second warpers are difficult to catch, but not impossible. Anyway, people have written articles about it if you want to know more, but the short of it is that “ultra-lockers” can tackle things with a 2 second align if (1) they have high enough scan resolutions, (2) a good ping, and (3) good execution.


AirHogs are incompetent, so that’s the problem right there.

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Yeah, got yellowboxed multiple times going with instawarp ship, so chances are the point goes through at some point. Wouldn’t risk anything valuable in Niarja. You can increase your chances by jumping together with somebody else and decloak second …

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Meatshield tanking ftw.


I don’t think the hecate has a 2 sec align time it’s closer to 3-4 seconds with prop mode.

Hecate can do 1.97s in propulsion mode with no mobility modules and bulkhead rigs (standard BH pvp blaster fit). 1.66s with single nanofiber. You can do 1.15s with 3x inertial stabs. No implants and good skills for all.


I got 2.4 sec align time in my hecate, maybe I need max skills to get under 2?

Spaceship Command, Advanced Spaceship Command, Evasive Maneuvering
Also EM-70x implants if you want faster align.

If I need a high value cargo shipped between Jita and Amarr I would use Redfrog
" Total jumps: 45

Reward: 50 Million ISK <— Copy and paste reward
Volume: Up to 845,000m3
Collateral: Up to 1,500,000,000 isk

Or just go these route myself in a semi-AFK mode,
Or use the 2s warper and take the low-sec 24j route,
Or use a 1s-warping hecate (needing a Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizer, 3 t2 ones, 3 T1 low friction rigs and an EM-705 implant, more than 300mil totally).

But I guess I really WANTED to lose them lol

Facing triple smart bombers are my only concerns in a sub 2 second frigate.

to get away from a shark ,
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You get away from a shark by not acting like a seal.

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