Fastest hauler ever?


(Gerald Mardiska) #1

along time ago when I was pirating there was this wreath that was so damn fast… it warped INSTANTLY and warped above 8 au a second. warp speed is ascendancies. but how can I get a basic t1 hauler to align and warp instantly? without Nomad implants is preferred.

(Tipa Riot) #2

You need imps, I’m afraid.

… but better train for the prowler, and warp in 3s, cloaked. This is IMO close to uncatchable.

(Tzar Sinak) #3

Consider using the cloak MWD trick to insta warp.

(Tipa Riot) #4

This takes 10s (cycle time of the MWD), far from instawarp. But reasonable in highsec, to be safer than faster.

(iguy Poljus) #5

3 sec is very catachable. anything more then 2.0 sec’s has the possibility to be caught.

(Tipa Riot) #6

Sure, theoretically, decloaking somebody in ~2s is very difficult … of course you can be unlucky to appear near something (happens to me maybe 1/100 in highsec), so there is risk. But for me it’s good enough.

In case you missed the point, 3s I consider only “safe” with covert ops cloak.

(Gerald Mardiska) #7

this is very true. but is it even possible to get a wreathe for an example under a 2.9 sec align?

(Deandra Walran) #8

If you are not hauling ammunition, why?

(system) #9

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