NPC ships broken ? Hello? What is this?

Locking from 1000+ sometime 57,000km and still using ewar.
Literally damping from a gate to another.
Why is this ■■■■ not fixed? Limit rats lock range to 150km problem solved.

That’s an ages old behavior of NPCs. Limiting the NPC to 150km lock range is not feasible because it would be too easy to just outrange them. 300km is more feasible because that’s the max lock range for most playerships as well.

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What do you do when you cant lock someone? You go closer. NPCs jsut need to come clsoer to me ifthey want to lock me. Thats the stupidest reson not to limit them ot a reasonable level.

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That means they would have to become much faster, which has unintended consequences in other areas. Not to mention that battleships cannot be made faster and if you have a ship that is faster than them, they will never be able to lock you and shoot you.

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