A New Eve World Record

These Guristas don’t seem to know that the max targetting range in Eve is 300km…


According to all known laws of EVE, there is no way a Gurista should be able to target beyond 300km. Its sensors are too small to achieve that targeting range. The Gurista, of course, locks you anyway, because Guristas don’t care what eggers think is impossible.


They kept losing lock and then regaining it as I travelled away. Which is why the log off timer never goes down. Had I not got bored I’m quite sure I could have gotten it to 10,000km.

This isn’t unique to Guristas, all NPC’s generally can target you if you’re on grid with them. Agree it is a bit of a strange quirk to how they work.


Maybe drop a message to “Team Immersion” that it shouldn’t be so hard to code a max-lock varable into all NPCs stats. :slight_smile:

It’s just basic CCP coding, they always make NPC’s overpowered.

I remember years ago CCP use to brag about the amount of player ship kills from NPC’s. Especially after they implemented the new AI program.

Then the unthinkable happened:


thanks, thats a great story

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Maybe they don’t make them overpowered on purpose, probably some new bro that had spaghetti code and then left a few weeks/months later, and they can’t figure it out

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