Katia Sae’s Guinness World Record Challenged!

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So will they replace the monument with a Henrique Arnolles variant now? :thinking:

So righteous. Well done!

Katia will always be first!


I also wouldn’t want that. @Katia_Sae was indeed the first and without her (and her help) I would never have thought of trying! She has been a big inspiration to me!


Awesome sauce

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Does anyone know what ship was used to accomplish this?

Surely an Interceptor. Something with nullification

Congrats Henrique, I had no clue you were doing this, another one for S.C. :+1:

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I know :stuck_out_tongue:
An Ares was used for K-space and an Astero was used for J-space.


Why is “without losing a ship” part of the record? Makes no sense.

Because anyone and their dog can visit every system in the game. But can you do it without losing a ship?


I somewhat disagree with your premise. Not losing ships just requires timidity - which most explorers in Eve have plenty of.

Sneakiness, rather.

Seems kinda rushed. Sorry, Henrique, but how could anyone make a journey experience of it if they are rushing to “tick boxes” off. Some say it’s the trip not the destination and all.

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Ok, in that case I would like to challenge you to do it aggressively.
At least if doing this while attacking gate camps, killing bubbles and not wasting time on superfluous things like safe spots is more your sort of thing.

Now that I think about I really really want to see you getting an announcement of this sort, only I want yours to say something like:
Eve Online player Xeux rampages through all systems in New Eden stopping at nothing and killing all who stood in her way while setting a new world record for most bloody and explosive expedition in the history of online gaming".

EDIT: And don’t forget to not get blown up in the process, sorry I almost forgot that part.

I think I would lose interest right about the time I entered J space.

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I would lose interest as soon as I saw how many times I needed to jump and warp

You should check out the documentation Katia did for each system. She did way more than just jump and warp (and not die). It is like a college thesis.

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I know, I have seen parts of it, and when I was really really new I heard stories about her from some really old bitter vets. They, for a change, had nothing but good to say about her trip. That coming from these particular people made an impression.
Once I heard about it though I had to check things out for my self and not only was what they said true I figured out why they were so impressed. I also made a few trips to the statue to do the tourist thing and take some pictures. Eve needs tacky plaid shirts and cameras we can wear.
As much as I think it would be funny to try what I asked you to do I suspect that it would end badly, Being sneaky is one thing, invading everywhere violently is another thing entirely.
Getting a group of fifteen or twenty people to stampede Mongol Horde style across New Eden like that might work and would be a blast I think. Somehow I think it would snowball as people realized what was happening and wanted to go along and help, it would be kind of great to start off with ten or fifteen and end up with hundreds of more.
Eve needs more barbarian hordes rampaging across space.

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Actually do you have a link to her documentation? I’ve only seen bits of it I think in various articles