In-game recognition for Katia Sae

(Thrice Hapus) #1

After Katia’s amazing achievement this last week, I would like to request from CCP that her Activity Tracker in-game be updated to reflect that she has visited all player-reachable systems in the game. I am sure CCP can confirm this accomplishment with its in-house tools.

If a fun in-game nod to Katia also got added, that would be amazing. Maybe a monument near Saisio III (Achura), Katia’s home world? Maybe an explo-centric novelty item (Katia’s star map – with every system checked off!)? CCP acknowledges singular combat achievements in-game with some frequency; it would be great for exploration feats to receive the same recognition.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Thrice Hapus
COO, Signal Cartel

(Harry Bussman) #2

differently all for this, i was think perhaps a new firework which looks like a small sun because thats what all the fireworks looked like in Saisio on the great fleet,

edit: or perhaps a commodity called katia photo album (not my idea heard it off someone cant remember who)

(Dawpr Rotsuda) #3

I agree, would be cool to see a monument or something at least. or as Harry Bussman said a new firework.

(Annisir Kaugan) #4

Its definitely an achievement worth celebrating.

(Othlir) #5

Fantastic adventure, definitely worthy of being celebrated with an appropriate in-game memento!

Can we define “meaningful”
(Uriel the Flame) #6

Agreed some sort of recognition (as mentioned novelty item, firework, whatever) seems well deserved. :trophy:

(Asa Kansene) #7

I very much would like something to happen regarding this incredible feat.
All suggestions are very nice so far, but please make something permanent.
Maybe some in-game item too, like a special commodity, for example.

(CommanderJameson XIII) #8

recognition really needed for player-made activities - it enriches the game at all

(Igaze) #9

An incredible achievement that took almost a decade to complete definitely deserves recognition!

(Lumukanda Theleraese) #10

Agree with something commemorative as it’s one hell of a feat to pull off.

(Greg Goodman) #11

Katia Way - ingame energy drink/performance drug?

(Valerian Hekki) #12

I agree, some well deserved recognition is needed.

(Lulu Lunette) #13

I have to agree 100% with some sort of in-game recognition, addition to the lore pages or something. She’s the Eve Online equivalent of a Lewis and Clarke Expedition or like those Antarctica Expeditions. Ms. Sae will be the explorer Capsuleer that all New Eden children will read about in school :relaxed:

Congratulations @Katia_Sae :purple_heart: Top explorer o7

(Tarja Naskinen) #14

Crazy trek, and a great accomplishment! Inspires us all, and something in-game would do so even more.

(Mynxee) #15

Any acknowledgement from CCP of this awesome quest would certainly seem appropriate and be appreciated.

(Hildulfr) #16

Impressive…most impressive. Fully endorse an in-game nod.

(Trouble Traven) #17

Katia Sae is a steely-eyed Explorer Extraordinaire! She definitely deserves public accolades, and an in-game item!

I second many of the suggestions already made: fireworks, a monument, energy drink etc. Please, CCP, acknowledge this magnificent accomplishment.

(Old Pervert) #18

Possible option, let her fly around in space that is not player-accessible. Have them transport her in an exploration frigate to have a little look-see around J7HZ-F. If she enjoys exploration, it feels like a fun little option.

(Ismael Caleb Echart) #19

Absolutely. A Fantastic achievement. In game recognition fully deserved. Come on CCP, this is a big achievement, big, huge!

(Atet) #20

I’m chiming in here too. Activity tracker update for sure. In game item would be cool too!