How many systems can I explore if I want to explore them all?


I just joined EVE a day ago. Long time gamer but first time EVE player and really interested in the possibility of exploration. I read somewhere that it had been done before, but I’m not looking to be the first to explore all the systems lol, just to explore as widely as I can.

How big is EVE? Does anyone know?

Also, any hints on things to go visit and see (if at all lol)?

A ton. Null may be hard unless you can convince them you aren’t a spy heh

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There are something like 7,500 systems in EVE, including wormholes, and death awaits you in every one. Have fun…


So CCP release static data that contains all kinds of information that the game uses. This includes full details of all of the systems in the game.

Based on the current static data, in terms of space that anyone can visit:

Region Type Solar Systems Planets Moons Asteroid Belts Stargates
Highsec 1,192 10,233 50,910 11,951 3,431
Lowsec 688 5,832 29,674 7,144 1,837
Nullsec 3,321 28,130 144,495 21,831 8,464
Wormholes 2,604 21,789 107,519 0 0
7,805 65,984 332,598 40,928 13,732

Of note there, wormholes have no gates. You access them by scanning down signatures in space, warping to them and then passing through the wormhole into the wormhole systems.

So you’ll need scanning skills to be able to explore wormholes.

In addition, there are 3 Regions of space that are not generally accessible. These are thought to be inhabited by the Jove Empire and they turned off all of the gates.

As a result, in addition to the 7,805 systems that we all can explore, there are 230 additional systems we can’t reach, with (1,977 planets, 9,572 moons, 0 asteroid belts, 32 gates).

There is a possibility to reach 2 of those systems, but only if you take part in an Alliance Tournament (annual esports tournament, which uses 2 Jove systems for the fights).

In addition, there are a lot of monuments to visit around the place. So are part of New Eden like the EVE Gate, where the first wormhole came to; and others are monuments to player activity (eg. Titan graveyards at/near the sites of major battles).

I don’t have a detailed list of all of the places to explore, but you could start here:

Good luck.


You can see all K-space (non-wormhole) systems by opening the map with F10. The J-space (wormhole) systems are now shown there, but there are player-made sites out there that list all wormhome systems like

There’s a ton of things to see, that most players don’t see or aren’t aware of. Some are spectacular, some are mysterious, and some are relatively mundane. Some are incredibly rare. Check out


If you only spent 5 minutes in each system, it would take you a month straight sitting at your computer 24/7 to visit every system in EVE…


Holy ■■■■ guys. Thanks so much for the great replies. Awesome community.

:flushed: j/k

Thanks. I’m up to 30 systems so far. Am I there yet :slight_smile: ?


There has been 2 that i know of.
@Katia_Sae took over 9 yrs and zero ship loss to visit every system. I think she even got to visit Polaris (ccp system)

The other, @Henrique_Arnolles , visited each system with no ship loss in less than a year


As for all systems both K-Space and wormholes, Henrique and I are the only two that I’m aware of. There have been around a half-dozen or so who’ve done all of K-Space with losses, some of which I know and others I’ve heard about.


We may add that was before Pochven existed, but nevertheless this is an astonishing achievement.
I’m curious how you got to visit all W-space? Just an enormous excel list?

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This is Eve after all :wink: Yes, I tracked my progress via a spreadsheet.


After nearly 20 years in game and a significant Hiatus in the middle of it (thanks to having a family in RL etc.) i’ve decided to follow in Katia Sae’s footsteps and i’m working my way through K space currently.

A good chunk of the way through and i have learned just how big an adventure this is!! So i’m even more in awe of the achievement that Katia and Henrique have managed - particularly as i’ve been caught by a couple of camps and lost a couple of ships.

For me it started when i tried a couple of filaments, then I decided i wanted to screenshot all of the Nebulae from each region - then I figured…“Go big or Go Home”

So good luck if you are also going to give this a try and give us a wave if we see each other on our travels

Fly Safe


what kind of spread sheet did you use to track you progress did you use esi to help yo track?

I manually maintained an Excel spreadsheet.

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Who from CCP was able to confirm that you had visited every system?

I believe I have now completed my lap of the K-Space systems (Yay), from looking at the ingame map and my own spreadsheet…but i’d like to get it checked to be sure that i haven’t missed any

Especially before i try and cover all J space

At the time, it was CCP Falcon, but he is no longer with CCP. Last I heard they’ve created a way internally to confirm so put in a support request would probably be the way to go about it now.

ok great - thanks very much :slight_smile:


Good luck and safe travels

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