Are all Sansha Pirate missions so cheap, or just the "epic" storyline?

3rd epic mission or so and there’s like 6 enemies from frigates to battleships that tracking/range disrupt, bringing my range from anywhere between 50km and 20km down to just 6km to 9km - with just 1 of those active

Am i just meant to sit afk for 30min for the random times the disruption temporarily falls off, or am i meant to spend 30min getting into face range with each enemy in a battleship?

let me guess, micro or that other warp drive? some slight range bonuses from range script? ECM one of the 6 that does that?

or does CCP just not have a balance team

Is it just the supposed “epic” storyline of Sansha that is this cheap, or they do that in all missions and situations?

Let the “git gud” begin

I know for regular Sansha the answer can be Rail kronos, sebo range script, shoot more from edge of grid.

Not sure about the arcs or other ships workarounds here.

Ever heard of missiles and drones? Even Amarr have access to both, it is all about using the right tool for the job. The Armageddon and Navy Geddon should both do well here.

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Would be helpful to know the actual mission name.

Also is it a mission in the Level 3 Pirate Epic Arc or is it a stage in a multi-part Storyline mission?

Every mission, especially higher levels, will have ewar ships in the NPC mix that use the faction’s/pirate’s preferred ewar. Be happy that it’s only TD. I have to fight serpentis lately and their dampening makes me take 30+ seconds to lock a frigate and reduces my lock range to 14km (from 80), while the ships like to stay outside this range. It’s lovely. And don’t gt me started on the Guristas jamming. Only the Angels are worthless in that regard because their Target Painting is a joke and impacts your ship not at all.

Just bring missiles vs sansha, and they are harmless.

Doesn’t their weapon disruption also impact missile guidance? :thinking:

I run the Amarr Epic Arc every three months in a Paladin and tbh the TD in there is basically a non-issue. They stop the ewar after 2 or 3 cycles anyway, and after that you simply kill those ships. It’s not even close to a 30 minutes…

It’s a delay of maybe a minute but nothing to worry about. At new spawns you usually can delete 2 or 3 of the ewar cruisers before they begin TDing you. Frlgs can even be eaten by your drones and nothing stops you from using an MWD to get right on top of the bigger shlps, they are all slow.

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Your other thread was similar in nature. You seem to have confused EVE with one of the many no-brainer games where you just load up on DPS, head out there, and click the ‘shoot’ button until everything is dead and you scoop the loot.

Instead of crying that you can’t figure out how to deal with ewar, or sitting AFK waiting for cycles to fail, you could spend literally 5 minutes googling to find the things you don’t know about what you’re doing.

It sounds like you’re doing the Amarr Empire Epic arc. There’s various guides, walkthroughs and summaries on it. You might want to start with the EVE University one.

In EVE, your brain is a bigger weapon than your ship fit. You’ll do better if you equip it.


Get a missile ship for those missions. The Sansha EWAR isn’t as nasty as the Serpentis sensor EWAR. After them are Guristas with their jammers.

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As others have mentioned, drones are a hard counter to e-war effects. Gallente, or Amarr, ships will serve you nicely.

OP my first impression is what do you mean by “cheap”?

Like poorly written?

Low quality?

I genuinely do not know what you mean by cheap.

Oh I recognize you, you are that guy who had trouble in the Amarr Epic arc in a badly fitted ship and complete lack of knowledge about the game. It seems it is still the same here. Also the counter to this one is the same as the one in your last thread.

I guess one day you will learn.

Are you still in a Apoc at 50km with 2mil SP?

Had do post that on a alt huh?

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