Silly L4 mission questions

Oh hai there!
So I’ve decided that I really like doing L4 missions as an undertanked sniper (Domi, Rattle). I love the adrenaline of positioning combined with the netflix stage of shooting things.
However, missile rats really throw a monkey wrench into my program.
So –

  1. What types of enemies can hit you at 120+km? Just Guristas or anything else?
  2. Which HS Empire space has the fewest missions with long range enemies?

Thank you!

All missions have long and short range ships but I guess only missiles really apply that far away. Rail Gun Megathrons or Beam Laser Apocs also hit really far. Missile Typhoons also hit really far out.

That would probably be Gallente. They fight against Serpentis primarily. The Serpentis have long range ships, too, but they also have lots of Blaster NPC which don’t apply any damage if you are further away than 10 km.

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Sweet! Now I need to get some Gallente standing, that’s my only negative one :rofl:

What do you get to fight in Amarr space?

Fighting in Amarr space will mostly be Bloodraiders and MoM and Angels/Minmatar for the most part. That been said i have not done much ratting in Amarr space in years.

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amarr space is mostly blood or sansha, depends on the region.

minmatar space is angels and they are very close ranged. that’s probably where I’d go. Also the ani constellation has some of the best agents in game.

also vs missile ships it’s pretty easy to just load up on hardeners that focus the missile types, if you are an armor ship a kinetic + reactive will give you a very strong tank vs guristas for example. or on your rattle just 2x kinetic hardeners.

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Thank you! I’ll stay in Minmatar then and maybe check out Amarr when I’m bored :slight_smile:
As far as hardeners, my entire tank consists of a single repper and one reactive hardener. Most missions, I end up not having to touch either of them, since enemies don’t come closer than 70km

most of my active fits have 3 slot tanks, nice to be able to sit in the pocket, not worth MJDing in a lot of rooms, and/or good to MJD back early to have it ready for the next room.

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Watch your standing with the big 4. If you stick to missions in one empire, you might drive your standing down with the others.

Take a long term approach, stick with Minmatar for now while training up. Watch your standings, they wont drop fast. See witch one is dropping fastest and then Google/READ about how to avoid that by switching empires to mission in. There is so much info/vids/fits out there that it’s not worth listing here.

If you stick with the game, you’ll end up with ships stationed in all 4 empires with jump clones with the proper implants for the region/ships. And as time goes on, you learn a lot about how the different ships and weapon systems work.

Best of luck!

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