CHANGE Auto Targeting System Module

Hey guys, im creating this topic to see if CCP could either change this module discription or the module mechanics in general. I found myself “lured” to think the module did what its name says but im sure most of you already know it DOESNT.
Im sure many new players are wasting their isk in this module just to get dsapoited it doesnt target everything in RED. I would like to know what you guys think.
Change items name maybe? Change items discription? Creat an item that axchually targets RED ships in range instead of only targeting whats targeting you ? (we already have that feture going over the menu). Sheare your thoughts in it.
Maybe we can get CCP to do some minor changes to it to improve game experience.


It helps bot aspirants exhibit even more bot-like behavior - it should be removed.


Are you kidding?

The English ability of everyone at CCP is better than perfect. Its like they were born and grew up in a native English speaking country TWICE that’s how good they are!

So if you read these item names and descriptions and get it wrong, the problem MUST be on your end.

CCP is downright infallible. (cough)

Targets any hostile ship within range on activation. Grants a +2 bonus to ship’s max targets when online.

how hard is that to understand?

If you look at attributes, it tells you the targeting range.
for Auto Targeting System I: 50.00 km
for Auto Targeting System II: 60.00 km

So yea, only if they are within 50km or 60km depending on which mod you are using, plus Max targeting range on your ship, you will lock up all within that range that your ship will allow.

How hard is this thread to understand, or the OP?

The module does NOT target hostile ships automatically. I cannot even remember what that thing does exactly anymore, but I do remember that that is NOT what it does. The OP says they have to target you before the module targets them. Well that’s NOT what the description says, is it?

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The auto-target module targets back enemies that are targeting you. In conjunction with auto targeting missiles, it automatically fires them at whatever has you locked.

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If they aren’t targeting you, then they aren’t hostile, so why would the module automatically target them?


If the module worked as the OP hoped it would, it would automatically target Autothysian Lancers on gates. Have fun with that…


LOL. Friendly reppers also target you but they are not hostile.

The current description is misleading at best. Clarifying it is as simple as dropping the “hostile” bit and explaining it targets ships that have targeted you.

If someone was flying around randomly with that module active they would deserve what they got if they then activated a weapon too.

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Yeah, it actually only targets ships that are targeting you, and not all hostile ships.

And, just so everyone is on the same page, it also increases the maximum number of targets locked (even when it is not activated), and moves you up a little higher on the agro table (requires activation). Not sure why, but I’m guessing that the game treats it like an ewar module. Regardless, it can help keep agro off of your drones. Which is why people like fitting it to drone boats.

Anyway, I think OP has a point, especially considering a lot of people think it works differently than it actually does (I know I did until I tried it). So it’s item description could probably stand to be updated.

It’s also weird how the functionality it’s named after can be replicated through a menu option. But whatever. I don’t think that it should be changed to automatically target hostiles, regardless of whether they are locking you or not because that would just benefit multiboxers and extremely lazy people.

Also, to QuakeGod, autotarget missiles don’t need targets to be locked. So, afaik, the autotarget module doesn’t impact autotarget missile usage in any direct way.
No P2W


Because we all know this game is made for human players to play, the modules are for human players to use, and red NPCs are hostile to players with the only and bizarre exception being Autothysians (who would be white if this game had any consistency).

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Ah, didn’t know that. I’ve always just used that module in conjunction with auto-target missiles…

Agreed. It would be a boon for AFK’ers and bots.

God dang it. I tried unliking your post to free up another like so that I could like something more important. It didn’t work. I’m getting tired of the restrictions on likes.

Like, I would like to be able to use as many likes as I like. It’s not like I overuse likes or anything.


No P2W

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Incredibly valid point.

Also, most of the time, these are fit into utility highs to allow you to lock more targets.

Change its name to “Targetting Computer” and just have it add additional target locks.

I know when I run missions, when i’m targeted, if i hover over the NPC in question, it says “hostile towards me” So again, I understand completely what this mod does… have i ever used it? nope, will I? probably not.

But to the OP, any ship that is targeting you and you are RED within 50 or 60km it should target them, as well as giving you an extra two targets to lock on to.

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