Best Auto-Targeting Missile ship for new player?

Hello, new player here. I mostly mine and haul stuff. Wanted to try to do missions, but I hate all clicking you have to do to lock on. Wondering if anyone can suggest ship fits or tips. Thank you.

Auto-Targeting Missiles are crap dont use them !
You need to use to lock everything or you use drones and drone bonus ships like a vexor but be aware on missions, you will lose lot of drones if you do it “afk” or you pull them in on about every 15 seconds because mission rats will switch aggro.

my advise, if you dont wanna do things active then stay at mining and hauling.

Are they crap because of damage? Can you explain the damage difference?

they are crap because they dont work as you think they work.

if you dont get attacked then they dont fire so you always need to shoot first on every wave / trigger so you still need to target NPC´s

DMG is also very bad because of “afk agression”

EDIT: You also cant controle which target they shoot, maybe they shoot first target then they wanna shoot second target and the first target get repped up

Thank you for your reply. Just wondering if you know any numbers? How much worse is the damage?

T1 / faction are about 20-30 % if you have skilled this missiles
T2 Heavy Missile / ATM about 50% i think because there is no T2 version of Auto-Targeting Missiles

but as i cant check it out atm its not safe what i write. best thing is always simulate it by yourself if you wanna know how much dps difference are between ammo

If it helps, ctrl+click is a shortcut for locking a target.

Auto-targeting missiles are garbage and to be honest, all forms of passive combat are significantly less effective than being an active participant. That goes for drones as well. Clicking is going to be your main bag no matter what you do when it comes to combat but its not so bad once you get the rhythm down.

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That’s correct in the general case, but they are very good in some specific cases. But you need to fit your ship specifically for that.

That’s not the case. Once you attack or get attacked(redbox) by one NPC, all the NPC become hostile so you don’t need to get attacked. Once the next wave pop, if there are no remaining rat from previous wave, indeed you need to activate the module. But you don’t need to target them.

That’s not the case. They always target the closest one. So if you place your self you can make them attack a chosen target.

I have a fit with DPS :

  • AT : 507
  • CN : 648
  • fury : 761

But fury would have much less application so the actual base number is CN. In that case, going AT would make me lose <22% DPS.
Then they also have less application so the total reduction is 25.4% (against small targets)
I still switch to fury on that fit, or CN for specific cases. Still the fit is built with a very specific usage in mind.
( edit : I just realized the window has the abyssal modules removes, so that not the actual number, but the ratio is the same. Actual DPS is 974 with AT, 1245 with CN and the fit has 100% application on the targets it’s made for, so using CN instead of AT would make me gain +27.8% DPS )

I don’t recommend them in the general case, especially if you have bad skills or lack knowledge of the game.

An example where those are good, is when you have infinite rat spawning (with a delay) and you need to hack and fight at the same time, and you take too much area damage to allow drones out. Killing rats makes you able to open next can(other wise “it is protected”), so you want to kill rats non stop, while not having to target the new rats one by one.

you can also hold control and drag a rectangle in space to target many

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you can also click a target in overview, press ctrl then down arrow in sequence. As long as your mouse is in the overview it won’t be sorted.

NO ! ive testet it !

thats the only way to activate ATM

not every mission has a full stage aggro on first shot …

not every wave instant agress you !
if you need to move into the next room its the same situation

thats the point of ATM but still has some requirements

could be true, ive didnt noticed what they target. for me it looks like a random ship and not the closest one

ive never saw anybody with ATM … oO yes they would be nice if you are perma jammed but you got other problems if you´re perma jammed

Don’t use auto targeting missles for pve.

Get marauder = win EVE online PVE. No catches No gimmicks. Marauders win in PVE.

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And I also used them and this was working. Here attack means get an engagement timer, not necessarily activate your weapons. Can be a painter, a neut, or some sentry.

I disagree with that. I used them to kill rats that had not redboxed me yet . Not even yellowbox.

It’s not about aggro. It’s about the rats being considered as hostile. When you land, they are not hostile. When you get a timer, they are all considered hostile, even those very far.

You don’t need to be aggro’d to have them hostile.
If the wave spawns closer than the other existing rats, then it will automatically switch to the closest one, even if they did no redbox you.

The absence of proof is not the proof of the absence. As I already said, they are VERY useful in some very specific case, but useless in most cases.
If you really think about it, I’m sure you’ll find out cases where they are invaluable.

I made some tests and in some missions I went from 15min to 12 min simply by using them. Turns out targeting delay, human reaction and UI delay factor more than people can think of. I was still using fury for BS though.

And yes, I showed the fit to friends, and also showed them the play, and that blew their mind. It reduced completion time AND missile cost AND made the missions less tedious. Still very specific, so don’t use it in the general case.

Also, don’t use them on cruise missiles, because the speed of the missiles is too low.

still an agressive action oO

then your not a good mission runner if youre faster with Passive Agression

this not worked at my test ! need to be agressed and then i could use them. yes the can stop agression you and go to another target ! its like agressive drones → you got shot they remember and fly to every NPC that shot you ( agress you )

that maybe could be work i´m testet it with 12 drakes in an C4 site and it only worked if i got agressed
but i dont think that it worked this way.

thats true but if they were useful in any term then they would be used more often.

marauder with 10+ targets dont care about targeting delay#

sorry but you got a very bad reaction if you cant beat AFK weapons

Or maybe I have a brain and used it without prejudice. Without thinking “nobody uses it so it can’t be good”.

If you say so. I let you retain your prejudices.

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I once found them very useful when I ran into a gate camp with my blingy Rattlesnake. I got jammed by someone before I could target anyone, but the combination of rapid heavy launchers with ATMs and my Gecko dealt so much DPS on them to make them warp off in turns and lower the incoming damage just enough for me to survive until some response team came.

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In addition, the mechanics are exactly like described abovet. Once you have a timer, the ATMs will consider all the NPCs as hostile and can get activated again after reload, or even in a different belt or pocket (as long as the timer is still on). They might even go for fleet mates if they have a timer on you (for example smart bombs can give you one). They will ALWAYS go for the closest target, which can be bad once you are swarmed and have no means to manually make one target always be the closest one.

Overall, I would not recommend using ATMs, except for niche scenarios.

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