Auto- Targetting Missiles

(Agent 5B) #1

It was sad there, were 6 ships attacking me at 1km range and it said no suitable targets. I mean AT missiles are depressing and crap enough as it is but does CCP really have to make them faulty ? they should remove them if they don’t want people using them.

(elitatwo) #2

Alliance Tournament missiles? What?

(Brynjard) #3

The Auto-Targeting Missiles is a niche thing.
I cannot imagine any success in PvP.
But I know there are some who use them in PvE.
In general I would not recommend it because they have lower DPS and you cannot focus fire.
Lazy way to do PvE :smiley:

(nicotania rustica) #4

With people aggressing you they should have worked that’s very odd. I can say since they added the safety feature those missles make high sec missions funny.

(Agent 5B) #5

They potentially have quite a few uses in pvp if they didn’t have some kind of safety preventing them from firing at players.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #6

I carry a clip just in case i get damped and kited but it’s a hail Mary at best

(Agent 5B) #7

In my experience they do not work against damps

(Tavion Aksmis) #8

The general problem with AT missiles is that they have vierd interactions in lowsec/highsec where they won’t fire despite you beeing on red safety. They don’t fare well with the criminal system at all.

In Nullsec I have had minuscule success using them to kill off ECM drones when jammed.

(elitatwo) #9

The alliance tournament missiles only need like 3 lines of code to operate properly.

The thing is, nobody seems to able to find the code file…

(Agent 5B) #10

That sounded like code to me, hopefully someone somewhere understood it

(system) #11

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