Auto Targeting System could be useful

I’m lazy. This is PvE. I bought the auto targeting system, it says “targets any hostile ship within range on activation,” but it only targets enemies that target me first, and seems to do so slowly and without any indication that it’s taking place. So, it takes power, I have to turn it on, I’m not sure that it’s working all the time which makes me easy/anxious.

Then there’s General Settings -> Inflight -> Auto Target Back, which begins targeting (showing the timer) targets that target you immediately. It doesn’t cost power, I can see that it’s working, it does so immediately.

Basically I think the auto targeting system is really bad and probably just still here because it has been here forever. If it auto-targeted anything that was red in order of closest to me, that would be useful in PvE for lazy players like me (we are many). I know it’s not something a high slot is generally going to be spent on, but I’ve got high slots to spare atm, and if it makes my life easier I would have used it. As is, it’s not useful, and I can’t think of a situation where it would be =[

Also the wording “targets any hostile” should be “targets anything that targets you” or something else, because I anything that targets you is not necessarily hostile. That wording didn’t make any sense to me.

I have only really seen auto targeting systems used to gain their passive +2 target buff for ships that have a spare high slot and low hull target limits, or the rare ship that kills things as fast/faster than targets lock and thus again need more targeting slots to keep throughput up.

We will also need auto-resume-fire-after-reload.

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As a multiboxer, I will tell you that you don’t want a better auto targeting system. It would benefit us a whole lot more than it would benefit more casual players.

Anyway, as Mkikaden has said, they are often used to increase number of target locks (they don’t even have to be running). However, another use is that they can move the ship up on the agro table, which can help with limiting drone agro.

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