Question regarding Auto Fire Missiles

Ive been using auto targeting missiles for a while and they are great and terrible.

The good.

Great if you are lazy

ECM does not exist

The bad.

They do less damage than regular t1 missiles

You dont choose the target the missiles do so if you want to kill a specific rat it wont happen.

If you need to destroy a structure you are out of luck.

They can shoot trigger rats.

HUGE BUG THING. when you enter a system you have to be recieve agro before you can fire. but once you have fire you can fire first anywhere in that system whether its multiple anomolies or multiple missions. If you leave system its all reset.


  1. I was thinking of training my alt into another tengu. If i have two of them on the field at once using auto targeting missiles can they both fire if only one of them has come under fire or do i have to wait for the second tengu to be attacked as well before it can fire.

I ask as i dont want to waste several months of training for a tengu, missile and back up skills only to find that it does not work.

Thanks in advance

This I am afraid.

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Thanks for saving me £50 and several months of pointless training

Well what you can do if you are hanging around one system say for the events is take the auto-fire ship into the first site to get aggro then use the second ship with targeted missiles which will allow you to hit important targets / structures etc.

After that first site squad warp and put the auto-fire ship on orbit / follow the target-fire ship.

You get the best of both really, you can target specific’s and have the back of the auto-fire to clear things as they come at you.

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Can’t you just warp in with the first, get aggro, warp out while warp in with the second, get aggro, warp back in with the first, profit? A bit cumbersome but after the first such action you are good to go for the rest of your activities until you change system. Doesn’t sound like a deal breaker to me.

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Thanks for the replys. I was going to use this for also running level 4 missions it would not work as i would be constantly changing systems

Don’t use crappy auto-target crap - problem solved.

They are fine as they are…just know how to use it…

They just cannot fire at a target that does not attack YOU…there’s no reason to do…:slight_smile:
Yes they are limited and furthermore yes they save you time if you are jammed in pve…

So they are good enough…

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