Faction Auto-Targeting missiles missing from LP stores/drops

Ok so i was looking and with the advent of Golems being great with Auto-targeting missiles I saw that faction Auto-targets were a thing and I saw that there was very small amount being charged for criminal prices on the market. SO I went looking, each empire has a type in their flavor of all sizes IE Minmatar has Republic flavors from standard Auto-targeting to Cruise Auto-targeting missiles. So I went looking.

I’ve searched numerous corporation LP stores from different corps and got nothing. I’ve also search on Fuzzworks LP store going through every corp and search by name in the event i overlooked.

So i found a old forum post while making this post that addresses the fact they were in game for a few months and pulled but no reason given. I was told to post here by a GM because apparently GMs do not have that data and that a dev would/could answer here.


@Brisc_Rubal you have any insight?

Way before my time. I will have to ask some folks.

Would sure be nice to see these finally added back in…

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I forgot that auto targeting missiles were a thing

thanks brisc

I think they were deemed too strong for the game. Which makes sense considering how OP the T1 can be.
So no T2, no faction.

Considering that Faction (etc.) launchers can now run T2 ammo, I’m not sure this still applies.

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OP? There is a huge base damage penalty, a FoF missile, even faction, does no where near the damage of T1 even with FoF missile skill at 5.

People do not understand that Auto-Targeting does not mean push F1 and reds get shot at instantly, the missiles only shoot at any entity ( players, NPC ) that first shoots at you. OP would be if the missiles were ‘heat seeking’ in that if the target they were shot at is destroyed ( because at 200 km a golem has like 2 or 3 flights of missiles in the air ) the missiles then lock onto a new target.

Really OP would be adding a rapid cruise missile launcher to capitals. What a sight of beauty it would be to see 90 cruise missiles getting spewing out from a phoenix like it was an auto cannon.

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You may want to use them to understand why they actually deal more.


Again, you may want to use them first. Or not, just don’t talk.
The statu quo is actually very much in their favor. If CCP were to buff them they would then have to nerf them.

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Is running four rattles several hours a day enough of a qualification ?

Ok, so they shoot at some random structures in escalations too, but ask CCP why that is.

You sir, are full of it.

If they were that good why is not everyone using them?

Definitely not.

Because you know what everybody is doing ?
You don’t.

If everybody was using them, CCP would have to nerf them.
Your argument makes no sense.

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My golem applies very well while i do less damage per missile, the application with rigs and guidance computers is huge that i can just let the missiles flow at anything and everything. I get aggro by using drones or a sentry drone if they dont aggro on warp in. I clear rooms solo in 5-6 mins with out having to micromanage targets. I found this out by seeing other golem pilots who are running teams of 3 doing it to blitz missions. Application trumps pure dps in some cases as and ive been using autotarget missiles on and off even in pvp and pve in 18 years of playing. they are great when other people forget they exist and accusing you of hacking because they know you locked noone when your being perma jammed but your spewing missiles.

Vaild points, in 18 years of eve ive used them on and off in pvp and pve. Less damage a missile sure, application sucks but there modules and rigs. I once got reported for hacking due to using them against a heavy EW based group that relies on little tank and permajamming everyone in a fight., they ran and called me a hacker.


Its a golem. That is what it is meant to do. A golem pilot firing precision or fury will clear a site faster than one firing FoF missiles, if both pilots are of equal competency. If the argument is that a FoF golem is ‘better’ because one just need cycle the launcher four or five times per site, granted, that is true. Still, that is quite a loss of efficiency and ISK/hour to trade for being inattentive to the plight of such an expensive vessel.

The explosion radius and explosion velocity of precision cruise missiles is far superior than than of FoF missiles even with FoF missiles at level V.

FoF : Radius 330, Velocity 69
Precision : Radius 297, Velocity 83

Time in game does equates in no way to knowing more about the game. Its essentially an admission that for 18 years nobody bothered to look at an attributes tab.

ECM no longer does this, a jammed target can always target the pilot doing the jamming.

There was a distinct period of time where RLML FoF missiles stopped working. Though one might ask how the rest of the fleet felt about someone sandbagging the DPS during PvP?

That is literally so many changes ago no one cares.

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Another +5-10% for Faction-based FoF missiles wouldn’t really be a deal breaker. As has been pointed out, you can get better application/overall damage with Precision or Fury.

FoF are only really useful for multiboxing.

Which given the difficulty in acquiring faction FoF missiles, is a much stronger argument. There is nothing forbidding the use of other faction ammunition for PvE, if pilots want to shoot 2k ISK per round Domination EMP at a 10k ISK frigate all the power to them.

Yes, I have seen people do this. No, they did not care for the ISK efficiency, because faction == better, right ?

well it would be difficult to acquire something that was in the game for a few months and then have all seeding options removed.

theres still sensor dampening, always a join to have some prick pirate spawn in, instalock and reduce your 110 targetting range to less than 20 and land a new cycle when they finally let up and you almost get lock just to lose it again. Theres also when multiple rats with ECM target you and they play musical chairs, so sure you can target the one thats doing it than another ship overlaps and you lose the lock on the one that you were working on, I had this happen with 4-6 bs get a couple of salvos off and lose lock for another and go around the circle several times before you manage to kill one. I and other golem pilots use them, I started using them because of tracking disruptors, sensor dampners when i learned other pilots were using them, true most of them all have alts but im clearing missions even faster with no issue of any issues of any ew now vs my 1400mm vargur or my beam paladin guns being reduced useless due to lack of lock or perma weapon disruption and no micromanagement of targets. I even disconnected while going into bastion, logged back on and everything else was dead when i was expecting a dead golem everything else was dead instead \o/

Just warp in, drop a sentry to get attention and let the missiles spew…but hey we get it, your way is the only way to play right? everything else is just le bad and you hate that someone found a better way to do something. :crazy_face:

They can’t find a better way in the first place, since his way is the sole way to play.
If he did not find a good idea himself, this good idea does not exist.

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